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Rob Ryan Roadshow – Cold Hard Truth – CD RBR 5903

Cold Hard Truth (2012)

(2012/RHYTHM BOMB) 17 tracks, KILLER COUNTRY ROCK and ROCKABILLY album incl. a great version of ‘Up Jumped The Devil’! If you dig the late Ronnie Dawson, you’re gonna like this! This album is THE REAL TREAT FOLKS!!! Razor-sharp guitars, a stompin’ rollin’ thunderous hound dog bass and a drum kit which will bring you close to the next nervous breakdown!! Roll on motherfuckers, roll on! That’s the stuff you gotta watch! 100 percent of ass kickin’ real rockin’ music! If you’re a Pat Boone Rock & Roll infected fingerpoppin’ daddy-o, get yourself a milk shake and go to hell but if you’re a real rockin’ cat this album is an investment in a pure silver platter which in the future will make your ear cleaning cotton sticks needless as a second butthole! ROCKERS, ROCK ON!

Top 10 Of The Month December 2012 – 45rpm Repro Special!!!

Hello Everybody,

it’s time for a new Top 10 of mine! These are the records i played lately to warm me up a little. Having a warm tea and some homemade cookies… enjoy it!

1.Linc Jeffries – Pitch Black
“> ORDER NOW: REP 10033

2. Danny Dill – I’m Hungry For Your Lovin’

3. Spades (vcl by SARA LEE) – Jim Dandy
“> ORDER NOW: REP 19026

4. F.D. Johnson – Be My Baby
“> ORDER NOW: REP 10026

5. Country Dudes – Have A Ball
“> ORDER NOW: REP 03054

6. Jack Lane – King Fool
“> ORDER NOW: REP 12042

7. Al Runyon – Baby Please Come Home
“> ORDER NOW: REP 18040

8. Tony Sams – Thass Right
“> ORDER NOW: REP 19051

9. Pat Patrick – I Ain’t Done Nothin To You
“> ORDER NOW: REP 16027

10. Eugene Jefferson – I Wont Cry No More
“> ORDER NOW: REP 10030

Ok, Vinyl Lovers – See you all in 2013 and stay tuned for more rockin’ TOP 10 OF THE MONTH 45rpm REPRO SPECIAL. Wishing you and your family a safe and prosperous new year and a Merry Christmas to all you Rockers out there!!!