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vincent, gene: The Road Is Rocky,56-71 8CD-Box&132-Page-Book

Genre:Rock & Roll

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The Road Is Rocky,56-71 8CD-Box&132-Page-Book
8-CD Box (LP-Format) with 132-page hardcover book, 223 tracks, time 549:05 min. -
Gene Vincent lived his life for Rock ‘n’ Roll and will always be remembered for Be Bop A Lula, one of the greatest recordings of the 1950s. It made him an instant star and launched an extraordinary rollercoaster of a career that always seemed destined to end in tragedy. Along the way he recorded more than 200 songs including many of the finest and best loved Rock ‘n’ Roll classics such as Bluejean Bop, Lotta Lovin’ and Dance To The Bop. He became an enormously influential figure, especially in Europe, known for his black leather image, hell-raising lifestyle and the sheer brilliance of his wild stage act. Here for the first time are the complete studio masters of Gene Vincent gathered together on eight CDs and covering the 16 year period from 1956 to 1971.

All of his recordings for Capitol, Columbia, Challenge, Forever/ Playground, Dandelion, Kama Sutra and B&C are presented in chronological order, including previously unissued stereo versions. Together, they form an incredible body of work and a lasting memorial to this tortured genius. The set is accompanied by a hardcoverbook containing a detailed discography, lavishly illustrated with a wonderful array of rare and exciting photos plus the full story of Gene’s amazing life and the background to each of his recordings by Ian Wallis.

Rock ‘n’ Roll comes no better than this.
vincent, gene: The Road Is Rocky,56-71 8CD-Box&132-Page-Book
Medium 1
001 Race With The Devil
002 Be-Bop-A-Lula
003 Woman Love
004 I Sure Miss You
005 Jezebel
006 Crazy Legs
007 Peg O'My Heart
008 Wedding Bells (Are Breaking Up That Old...)
009 Waltz Of The Wind
010 Up A Lazy River
011 Ain't She Sweet
012 Gonna Back Up Baby
013 Who Slapped John
014 Jumps, Giggles And Shouts
015 Bluejean Bop
016 I Flipped
017 Bob Street
018 Well, I Knocked Bim Bam
019 You Told A Fib
020 Jump Back, Honey, Jump Back
021 Teenage Partner (vers. 1)
022 Blues Stay Away From Me
023 Five Feet Of Lovin' (vers. 1)
024 Cat Man
025 Double Talkin' Baby
026 Hold Me, Hug Me, Rock Me
027 Unchained Melody
Medium 2
001 B-I-Bickey-Bi Bo Bo Go
002 Pink Thunderbird
003 Pretty, Pretty Baby
004 Cruisin'
005 Important Words (vers. 1)
006 You Better Believe
007 Red Bluejeans And A Pony Tail
008 Five Days, Five Days
009 In My Dreams
010 I Got It
011 Wear My Ring
012 Lotta Lovin'
013 Rollin' Danny
014 Time Will Bring You Everything
015 True To You
016 In My Dreams
017 Dance To The Bop
018 By The Light Of The Silvery Moon
019 Right Now
020 You'll Never Walk Alone
021 I Got A Baby
022 Your Cheatin' Heart
023 Baby Blue (vers. 1)
024 Walkin' Home From School
025 It's No Lie
026 Should I Ever Love Again
027 Flea Brain
028 Brand New Beat
029 Frankie And Johnnie
Medium 3
001 You Belong To Me
002 Keep It A Secret
003 Yes, I Love You Baby
004 Dance In The Street
005 Git It
006 I Love You
007 Teenage Partner (vers. 2)
008 Peace Of Mind
009 Lovely Loretta
010 Little Lover
011 Rocky Road Blues
012 Somebody Help Me
013 Five Feet Of Lovin' (vers. 2)
014 Look What You Gone And Done To Me
015 Hey, Good Lookin'
016 Summertime
017 I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With..)
018 The Wayward Wind
019 Now Is The Hour
020 In Love Again
021 Say Mama (Hey Mama)
022 The Night Is So Lonely (vers. 1)
023 The Night Is So Lonely (vers. 2)
024 Lonesome Boy
025 Lady Bug
026 Lonesome Boy
027 You Are The One For Me
028 Maybe
Medium 4
001 In Love Again
002 Say Mama
003 Be Bop Boogie Boy
004 I Can't Believe You Want To Leave
005 I Got To Get To You Yet
006 My Heart
007 The Night Is So Lonely
008 Beautiful Brown Eyes
009 Rip It Up
010 Maybelline
011 High Blood Pressure
012 Who's Pushing Your Swing
013 Anna Annabelle
014 Gone, Gone, Gone
015 I Might Have Known
016 Important Words
017 My Baby Don't Low
018 Over The Rainbow
019 Ready Teddy
020 Vincent's Blues
021 Pretty Pearly (mono)
022 Accentuate The Positive (mono)
023 She She Little Sheila (mono)
024 Darlene (vers. 1) (mono)
025 Why Don't You People Learn How To...(mono)
026 Crazy Times (mono)
027 Greenback Dollar (mono)
028 Big Fat Saturday Night (mono)
029 Wild Cat (mono)
030 Hot Dollar (mono)
031 Right Here On Earth (vers. 1) (mono)
032 Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain (mono)
033 Everybody's Got A Date But Me (mono)
034 Mitchiko From Tokyo (mono)
Medium 5
001 Pretty Pearly (stereo)
002 Accentuate The Positive (stereo)
003 She She Little Sheila (stereo)
004 Darlene (vers. 2) (stereo)
005 Why Don't You People Learn How To...(stereo)
006 Crazy Times (stereo)
007 Greenback Dollar (stereo)
008 Big Fat Saturday Night (stereo)
009 Wild Cat (stereo)
010 Hot Dollar (stereo)
011 Right Here On Earth (vers. 2) (stereo)
012 Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain (stereo)
013 Everybody's Got A Date But Me (stereo)
014 Michiko From Tokyo (stereo)
015 Pistol Packin' Mama
016 Weeping Willow
017 Crazy Beat
018 I'm Gonna Catch Me A Rat
019 It's Been Nice
020 That's The Trouble With Love
021 Good Lovin'
022 Mister Loneliness
023 Teardrops
024 If You Want My Lovin'
025 I'm Goin' Home (To See My Baby)
026 Love Of A Man
027 Baby Don't Believe Him
028 Lucky Star
Medium 6
001 Spaceship To Mars
002 There I Go Again (Whoops I'm Dreaming)
003 King Of Fools
004 You're Still In My Heart
005 Held For Questioning
006 Be-Bop-A-Lula '62
007 Temptation Baby
008 Where Have You Been All My Life
009 The Beginning Of The End
010 La Den Da Den Da Da
011 Humpity Dumpity
012 A Love'em And Leave'em Kinda Guy
013 Love Love Love
014 Lavender Blue
015 You Are My Sunshine
016 Slippin' And Slidin'
017 Private Detective
018 Shimmy Shammy Shingle
019 Long Tall Sally
020 Good Golly Miss Molly
021 Send Me Some Lovin'
022 Hey Hey Hey Hey
023 Another Saturday Night
024 Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You)
025 Baby Blue
026 Suzie-Q
Medium 7
001 Bird Doggin'
002 Ain't That Too Much
003 Lonely Street
004 I've Got My Eyes On You
005 Love Is A Bird
006 Born To Be A Rolling Stone
007 Hurtin' For You Baby
008 Hi-Lili Hi Lo
009 Poor Man's Prison
010 I'm A Lonesome Fugitive
011 Words And Music
012 Am I That Easy To Forget
013 Pickin' Poppies
014 Story Of The Rockers
015 In The Pines
016 White Lightnin'
017 Lotta Lovin' '69
018 Circle Never Broken
019 Black Letter
020 Rainbow At Midnight
021 (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle
022 Scarlet Ribbons
023 Rockin' Robin
024 Ruby Baby
025 Sexy Ways
026 Be Bop A Lula '69
027 Pickin' Poppies (different mix)
028 Story Of The Rockers (different mix)
Medium 8
001 Sunshine
002 I Need Woman's Love
003 Slow Times Comin'
004 Danse Colinda
005 Geese
006 500 Miles Away From Home
007 Listen To The Music
008 If Only You Could See Me Today
009 A Million Shades Of Blue
010 Tush Hog
011 How I Love Them Old Songs
012 High On Life
013 You Can Make It If You Try
014 There Is Something On Your Mind
015 North Carolina Line
016 Our Souls
017 Oh Lonesome Me
018 Boppin' The Blues
019 The Day The World Turned Blue
020 The Woman In Black
021 Looking Back
022 Say Mama '71
023 I'm Movin' On
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