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Bear Family Records of Germany have long since held the crown for the kings of quality re-issues. Their back catalogue of boxsets lavished on artists hardly household names has borne testament that they are a rare entity a label in it for the music and not just the money. This release is a fairly new foray for the label releasing current band's material, that given you'd expect it to be quality, and this is. Sandy hails from Saxony has powerful smoke and whiskey vocals and backed by an internationally talented band, don't be put off by the moniker, this is tough neo-rockabilly featuring exemplary guitar work from the aptly named Mark Twang. it's not often a drummer gets a special mention but Matty Stroke on the drums is a clattering powerhouse, rocking good stuff


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Sandy & The Wild Wombats: Devoted To Rock 'n' Roll (CD)

1-CD  mit 16-seitigem Booklet, 12 Einzeltitel, ca. 44:33 Minuten. Die Schöne und die Stimme! Sandy Wild ist DIE weibliche Rockabilly Sensation zusammen mit ihren rauhen männlichen Musikern, den Wild Wombats, seit wir sie 2015 entdeckt haben. 2014 gegründet, nahmen sie 2015 bereits ihr Debütalbum 'The Girl Can't Help It' (BAF19001, erhältlich auf 180g Vinyl-LP) mit großartigen Cover Versionen auf. Der Video Clip zu Wild One (Real...

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