Dear friends of Bear Family Radio!


Bear Family Records will shut down Bear Family Radio on June 1, 2016. The company wants to explore new realms of promotion and public appearance henceforth. Bear Family has started to link titles of their catalogue to a sound file database.

Short examples of songs can be clicked on and listened to. The platform will be constantly updated. We would like to thank all of you music lovers out there for your loyalty, input and support through the years!

Bear Family hopes to welcome you back on their site or in person at the upcoming party in August. We would also like to thank our DJs once again for sharing their talent, time and inspiration: thank you Celia Villagran, Liza Verschoor, The Neon Hillbilly, Stefan Heinrich, Manfred Prescher, and Texas Ted Branson!

You guys rock! See you out there... Bear Family Records

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Sit back, enjoy and drive head first into the world of vintage music, from the early days to the heydays of country and rock. We are bringing you all the big names, from Hank Williams to Johnny Cash, from Jerry Lee Lewis to Ricky Nelson. You can hear all the great 'classics,' plus many hidden treasures - compiled by experts from Bear Family Records, the world's leading re-issue label.


Lehnen Sie sich zurück und genießen Sie die Welt der Vintage-Musik: Entdecken Sie wahre Schätze aus der Anfangszeit der Plattenindustrie und verfolgen Sie die Spur bis hin zu den Klassikern des Rock & Roll und der Country-Musik. Hören Sie die großen Hit-Garanten wie Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis und Ricky Nelson! Neben den Meilensteinen entdecken Sie auch Rohdiamanten und verloren gegangene Juwelen – zusammengetragen auf den Preisgekrönten Boxen von Bear Family Records!