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The Black Knights: Town Of Rock & Roll (LP)
Art-Nr.: LPTESSY2001

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(1992/Tessy) 14 tracks - Rare Teddyboy Rock 'n' Roll LP!

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BLACK KNIGHTS: Sweet Spirit Of Dixie - Town Of Rock & Roll
Art-Nr.: CDENV157

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(2011/ENVIKEN) 31 tracks, the first two albums from 1988 and 1992 plus two bonus tracks! One of today's best Teddboy Rock and Roll bands - the original albums are deleted but now you have the chance to get'em on one CD!

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BLACK KNIGHTS: Gold Teeth & Silver Charms (2014)
Art-Nr.: CDILEN1075

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(2014/Ilen) 20 tracks, brandnew album of this cult Teddyboy Rock & Roll band feat. Tommy Powder! The original album contains 14 tracks but added are six 'live tracks', recorded at Granbackfestivalen! A+ release and recommended!

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The Black Knights: Old Rock Boogie (10inch, Picture LP)
Art-Nr.: LPORR20044

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(2004/Old Rock) 10 tracks - Long deleted and out of print 10inch LP

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