Coming in June 2014: Jim Reeves – The Complete Abbott Recordings, plus

Jim Reeves
The Complete Abbott Recordings, plus – BCD 17356

3-CD Mini-Box (CD-format)
 with c. 100-page booklet, 76 tracks. Total playing time approx. 205 mns.

•    For the first time ever the early Jim Reeves sessions are correctly documented.
•    East Texas Country Music expert Kevin Coffey reviewed the original session tapes with the help of David Bussey.
•    Coffey also interviewed many of the original musicians.
•    Additional information were supplied by Arie den Dulk.
•    76 tracks in all – nearly three-and-a-half hours of early Jim Reeves!
•    The accompanying booklet features many rare photos of Reeves and the musicians.

July 31, 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of the tragic death of the legendary Jim Reeves. To mark the occasion, Bear Family is re- visiting Reeves’ early catalog with a definitive three CD set of all the recordings Gentleman Jim made prior to signing with RCA in 1955. This historic collection contains every surviving take – and even some partial takes – of his three year association with Fabor Robison’s Abbott Records. Not only is every Abbott performance included, but so are all surviving false starts and studio chatter, giving a much fuller picture of Jim Reeves in the recording studio – in all, nearly three-and-a-half hours of early Jim Reeves. The set is enhanced with an app. 100-page book featuring rare and unpublished photos from the period.
The project, overseen by veteran Reeves expert David Bussey, also contains much new discographical research into the Abbott era, shedding new light on many mysteries previously assumed to be unsolvable. In addition to the Abbott recordings, the collection also includes Reeves’ 1949 recordings for Macy’s and a handful of early 1950s demo recordings that trace his development leading into the Abbott era.
Heard alongside Reeves at his earthiest in this collection are a number of legendary musicians such as steel guitarists Bobby Garrett, Jimmy Day and Speedy West, pianist Floyd Cramer, fiddlers Big Red and Little Red Hayes and Harold Hensley, and many others. This is a must-have, not just for the Reeves fan but for any fan of classic country music. If you think you know Jim Reeves, think again.

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  1. I am Fabor Robison’s wife since 1968. Fabor is the person who discovered Jim Reeves talent while he was on the Louisiana Hayride. His son, our son, Fabor Robison, Jr. is living in Shreveport and he is also in the music business. Big Sound studio in Bossier. I was also a recording artist on the Fabor label. Jackie Lynn Robison.

  2. I am Fabor’s widow since Sept. 30th 1986. He passed away in Shreveport at the Veteran’s Hospital and he is buried in the Minden cemetery.

  3. avatar Solomon Kimuyu | 1. February 2015 at 11:22 | Reply

    I listened Jim Reeves songs growing up in the Hills of East Africa, we sang along his albums to our deerest friends of the day. Now a residence of Dallas, Texas
    I would want to buy all of Jim recorded music for my home music library

    The gentleman had a gift of singing with a beautiful voice I have ever had durinng the last 60 yrs.

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