Eddie C. Campbell Benefit for bringing him home.

The final line up for the Eddie C. Campbell Benefit has been confirmed by Barbara Mayson Campbell and is now ready for release, so please share this poster widely. Eddie has suffered a serious stroke while on tour in Germany, last month.

Eddie is making some progress and plans are under way to organize his return home for rehabilitation and further medical care. Getting Eddie home and getting him the care he will need will be a very costly enterprise. Eddie has many friends who want to perform in support…but the United Center was not available!

If you are not listed in the lineup, it is still possible to support Eddie by spreading the word, buying tickets and coming to the show. The venue will not be able to accommodate comped guests.

ALL proceeds from this benefit will go to the Eddie C. Campbell Assistance Fund. Rosa’s Lounge has generously donated the venue, the organizers have volunteered their help, and the incredible musicians and the house band have all donated their time; indeed,most of them are even purchasing tickets at the door to their own gig!

On behalf of Eddie C. Campbell’s family, thank you for the outpouring of love and support.
— with Eddie Shaw, Robert Stroger, Tom Marker, Rico Mcfarland, Sharon Lewis, Zora Young, Matthew Skoller, Deitra Farr, Scott Dirks and Sugar Blue at Rosa’s Lounge.

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