Walter Trout Hospitalized

Walter Trout is currently hospitalized and in urgent need of a liver transplant.
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From Intrepid Artists International:
“Walter has been battling severe liver disease bravely for the past many months. He has continued touring and recording until a few weeks ago – he loves playing for people, and it has been the best medicine for him. We were given hope that medicinal treatment could reverse his condition but we now know that this hasn’t worked. His liver has failed, and doctors say his survival depends on receiving a transplant.
He is at UCLA in and out of Intensive Care, which is a prime facility for liver transplants. Walter has health insurance but this will not cover the full cost of his treatment. The medical expenses, co-pay, medication, after-care, etc. are going to be immense.
Walter will need to cancel much of the tour planned for 2014 leaving him and his family with little income.
By helping support this effort, you can help give Walter peace of mind and focus solely on his health and recovery before, during and after the transplant.
The timeline is uncertain at this point. Waiting for a suitable liver donor in the hospital can be a lengthy and costly process of many weeks or even months.
There will be considerable cost for rehabilitation, re-training and physical therapy post-surgery”
Quote From Walter’s Wife Marie:
“Thank you for coming here and sending your love towards Walter. It means the world to him and to me to feel surrounded with your love and prayers at this difficult time. Walter has lost 100 pounds and most of his muscle tissue in the past year, and suffered much pain. It has been heart wrenching to watch him go through this. He has tried to put on a brave face for us all – he has kept playing, composing, singing, touring, and recording because music and communicating through music has always been his life line.. But he has reached the point, where he is too sick to stand up or even hold a guitar. Thank you again on Walter’s behalf for your love and support.”

What Happens When You Donate?

Any funds will go straight to helping Walter with his medical expenses offering him and his family some help offsetting the many expenses related to this situation. Walter has been given a great prognosis for a full recovery. He should be able to withstand the massive operation. Walter wants to stay alive and be with his wife and three sons (ages 20, 18 and 12). We all want him to also keep playing music for decades to come once his new liver is implanted and settled. Doctors say that Walter’s lungs, kidneys and heart are all in great condition, so once a new liver is in there, he is expected to make a full recovery. You will own a little piece of this success every time Walter takes to the stage in years to come when you help support this effort. Walter’s wife Marie will be posting updates on his condition. To recevie these please subscribe by selecting the “subscribe to updates” option directly under the blue “give now” button. If you cannot donate at this time, you can still help by: Sharing this campaign. Keeping Walter in your prayers. Send some positive and healing thoughts to Walter and his family. If you sign up on Walter’s regular mailing list, we will keep you posted with updates on information regarding Walter’s music right to your inbox. You can sign up here.

A Note From Rick Booth, President – Intrepid Artists Int’l:
“Walter has been such a great and loyal business partner over the years. However he is much more than that to both me and the rest of the office. We all love this man for the honorable way in which he has always treated us and everyone he meets. Walter and Intrepid have always shown each other mutual respect and that is why we make such a great team! He is a family man, a devoted husband and loving father of three. He has touched so many lives over the 15 or so years I have had the pleasure of representing him, it is no wonder that now when the tables are turned people are coming to his rescue. I thank all of you that can make a donation to the cause. If you are unable to make a financial donation, please keep Walter in your thoughts and prayers. Life is so very precious. Thanks again and hope you have a great weekend!”
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