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The Bullets: Buzz For The Blues
Art-Nr.: 45WSRCEP08

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(2015/Western Star) Blues Bopper EP der Bullets aus England! Super Scheibe!

8,90 € *

The Bullets: Thunderbird (45rpm, 7inch, EP, PS)
Art-Nr.: 45WSRCEP11

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(2016/Western Star) Brandnew 4-tracker by the Bullets! All songs are written by the the band members!

9,75 € *

Bullets: My Bonnie b-w Baby Baby Bala Bala 7inch, 45rpm PS
Art-Nr.: 45OSR001

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(2014/On Stage)

8,50 € *

The Bullets: Somethin' Real Good (CD)
Art-Nr.: CWSRC114

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(2017/Western Star) 15 tracks - The Bullets' newest hit and it's a surefire one! Great British Rockabilly stuff and all 15 songs are written by the members of the band! Recommended all the way!

17,95 € *

Art-Nr.: CDWSRC082

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(2014/Western Star) 14 tracks

15,95 € *

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