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Chuy & the Bobcats

Jesus Felix - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Victor Mendez - Bass, Piano
Santiago Bermudez - Lead Guitar
Angel Hernandez - Drums

Chuy & the Bobcats played late 50's influence rockabilly music. Wild Records released Chuy & the Bobcats "Loosing my mind" in 2008, the band were an extremely popular and in demand RnR outfit. The band split up in 2010 but reformed in 2012 to perform a couple of shows and record a new 45'. At this time, the band does not exist WATCH THIS SPACE

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Chuy And The Bobcats: Strange Dreams - Lovin' Arms 7inch, 45rpm
Art-Nr.: 45WILD47

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Single (7 Inch) auf WILD RECORDS von Chuy And The Bobcats - Strange Dreams - Lovin' Arms 7inch, 45rpm

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Art-Nr.: CD0603016

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(2006/WILD) 13 wild, authentic California Rockabilly tracks - digipac

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Chuy And The Bobcats: Hobo - Moonlight 7inch, 45rpm, CS, ltd.
Art-Nr.: WILD020

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weird maracas boppers

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