An Article From Life - The Complete Recordings (20-CD Deluxe Box Set & Book)

Executive Producer: Richard Weize/ AND MORE BEARS for Bear Family Productions Producers: Don Law, Frank Jones, Larry Butler, Don Davis, Don Gant, Glenn Sutton Re-Issue Producer: Kevin Coffey 3-Track Mix: Richard Bennett & Mark Wilder Disc/Metalpart Transfer: Christian Zwarg Tape Research: Richard Weize Tape Comparison: Kevin Coffey Disc Dubs: Bob Jones, Mark Wilder, Christian Zwarg Mastering: Bob Jones & Christian Zwarg Biography: Charles Wolfe updated and revised by Daniel Cooper and Kevin Coffey Discography: Richard Weize and Kevin Coffey Transcription & Editing: Evelyne Gerstenberger Photos & Illustrations courtesy of Alice Frizzell, Allen Frizzell, Betty Frizzell, Marlon Frizzell, and more bears, Richard Bennett, Dave Booth - Showtime Archive, Kevin Coffey, Deke Dickerson, James Elliott, Colin Escott, Gene & Pee Wee King, Joe Knight, Otto Kitsinger, George Merritt, Michael Ochs Archive, Marcel Riesco, Jerry Strobel, The Tennesseean Picture Comparison & Research: Mychael Gerstenberger with invaluable help from Katrin Duckhorn Photo Scans & Restoration: Sam Malbuch Artwork: Mychael Gerstenberger We would like to thank The Frizzell Family for the support they have given this project: Alice Frizzell, Allen Frizzell, Betty Frizzell, David Frizzell, Lois Marlon Frizzell Thanks are also due to: Jack Andrews, Rusty Adams, Ray Baker, Bruce Bastin, Marilyn Beck, John Beecher, John Beland, Steve Bonner, Madge Bowlan, Buddy Brady, Michael Brooks, Jackson Brumley, Bill Callahan, Arthur Campos, Hugh Cherry, Robert E. Crain, Al Cunniff, George Custer, Dollie Denny, John Flynn, Tillman Franks, Aubrey Freeman, Don Gant, Chris Gardner, Donnie Gilliland, Johnny Gimble, Rob Grabowsky, Dave Hall, Steve Hoffman, Don Hopson, Billie Jean Horton, Donnie Jennings, Bob Jones, Frank Jones, Rich Kienzle, Bev King, Sid King, Klaus Kuhnke, Grady Martin, Bonita Maynard, Bill Millar, J.D. Miller, Bob Pinson, Harvey Pitts, Ronnie Pugh, Hans-Peter Rehfeldt, Dido Rowley, Don Roy, E. Reinald Schumann, Whitey Shafer, Carole Thompson, Jody Williams and of course apologies to anyone we have overlooked. 257 C R E D I T S