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The Fleetwoods

The Fleetwoods, formed in 1958 at Olympia High School, Washington, with Gary Troxel (born Nov. 28, 1939), Bar-bara Ellis (Feb. 20, 1940) and Gretchen Christopher (Feb. 29, 1940), first called themselves Two Girls and a Guy, be-fore changing their name to the Fleetwoods. Their first record, the self-penned `Come Softly To Me' was a smash No. 1 in the spring of 1959 on Liberty/Dolton, as was their second, and best, the De Wayne Blackwell composition, `Mr. Blue'.

However, their gentle, close harmony sound soon fell out of favour and they had their last Top Ten hit with a revival of Thomas Wayne's 'Tragedy' in 1961.

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The Fleetwoods: Gretchen, Gary And Barbara (LP)
Art-Nr.: LPBST8002

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(Dolton) 20 tracks - 'Best Of' compilation with the artwork of the original 1960 'Dolton' LP album

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The Fleetwoods: Greatest Hits (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDLL57404

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(1991/Cema) 10 tracks

18,95 € *

The Fleetwoods: The Fleetwoods - Gretchen, Gary & Barbara (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD800217

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(1993/GLOBE) 29 tracks 1959-63

14,95 € *

The Fleetwoods: Chronicles - Thru The Years (2-CD)
Art-Nr.: CDBST8001

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(LIBERTATE) 65 Songs 1959-65 Stereo-Master feat. Hits, Flips & seltene Album-Schnitte plus 20 Seiten farbiges Booklet

Statt: 29,95 € * 24,95 € *

The Fleetwoods: The Very Best Of The Fleetwoods (LP)
Art-Nr.: LPLA334

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(Liberty) 10 tracks - Originally sealed LP compilation from 1975 - Cut-out LP

14,95 € *

FLEETWOODS: Come Softly To Me 1959-61 (2-CD)
Art-Nr.: CDJAS722

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CD auf JASMINE RECORDS von FLEETWOODS - Come Softly To Me 1959-61 (2-CD)

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Fleetwoods: Mr.Blue - Tragedy 7inch, 45rpm
Art-Nr.: EMI039

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