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Hi-Strung Ramblers

Carlos Gomez - Vocals, Lead Guitar
Jesse Gomez - Drums
Iggy Garcia - Bass
Alex Vargas - Bass
Dandy Sutphin - Rhythm Guitar, Harmonica

The Hi-Strung Ramblers play late 50s blues influenced rock n roll. 2005 saw the release of Hobo Bop, a mix of Rockabilly and Blues Boppers. The second release was in 2008 "Run Boy Run" which was a hugely popular record filled with fantastic original songs. In 2011, saw the release of "I'm a Rambler" the great thing about the Hi-Strung Ramblers was that each record got better and better. "I'm a Rambler" is a fantastic record.

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HI-STRUNG RAMBLERS: Hobo Bop & I'm A Rambler (2-CDs)
Art-Nr.: CD1308003

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(2013/Wild Records) 29 tracks, gatefold papersleeve. Two original in demand albums from 2005 & 2011 in one package. Limited edition!

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