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Arty Hill & Long Gone Daddys: Montgomery On My Mind - The Hank E.P. (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDCIM015

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(2009/COW ISLAND) 8 tracks (26:39), a nice hommage to one of the most important Country artists ever, feat. three self-penned tribute tracks and five tremendous covers and interpretations of the music Hank Williams brought us decades ago and in the nowadays still...

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Arty Hill & Long Gone Daddys: Bar Of Gold (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDCIM007

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(2008/COW ISLAND) 12 tracks of fine Bakersfield Sound and twangin' Honky Tonkers. 'i doubt there is a better country record put out this year'...Jason Ringenberg / STUNNISH HONKY TONK ALBUM!! All songs are originals (booklet with all lyrics)! Arty Hill has one of...

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Arty Hill & Long Gone Daddys: Back On The Rail (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDCIM012

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(2009/COW ISLAND) 12 tracks (44:07), the 2nd album of this REAL Honky Tonk outfit!! No pseudo shit - just REAL Country music with a rockin' edge. All songs are Arty Hill originals. Booklet incl. all lyrics. I first met Arty Hill in a small Baltimore club in 2004. He...

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