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Les Humphries Singers Original Album Series Vol.2 (5-CD)

Original Album Series Vol.2 (5-CD)
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(2014/Warner) 66 tracks mehr

Les Humphries Singers: Original Album Series Vol.2 (5-CD)

(2014/Warner) 66 tracks

Artikeleigenschaften von Les Humphries Singers: Original Album Series Vol.2 (5-CD)

  • Interpret: Les Humphries Singers

  • Albumtitel: Original Album Series Vol.2 (5-CD)

  • Label WARNER

  • Genre Pop

  • Artikelart CD

  • EAN: 5054196067625

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Humphries Singers, Les - Original Album Series Vol.2 (5-CD) CD 1
01 Rock My Soul
02 Jesus Lover Of My Soul
03 Nobody Knows The Trouble I´Ve Seen
04 Listen To The Rain
05 If I Had A Hammer
06 To My Father´S House
07 Blowin In The Wind
08 Gospel Train
09 Motherless Child
10 I Believe
11 Joshua Fought The Battle Of Jericho
12 When The Saints Go Marchin In
13 Bonus Tracks:Fool On The Hill
14 You Keep Me Hanging On
15 To Love Somebody
16 You´Ve Lost That Lovin Feelin
17 Sounds Of Silence
18 The Sun Ain´T Gonna Shine Anymore
Humphries Singers, Les - Original Album Series Vol.2 (5-CD) CD 2
01 Kentucky Dew
02 Do-Da
03 Take A Little Time
04 Ticket To A Oneway Station
05 Lonely Kinda Man
06 Square Dance
07 Guy On The Loose
08 Dixie
09 Something I Saw
10 Terry
11 Uniform
12 Carnival
Humphries Singers, Les - Original Album Series Vol.2 (5-CD) CD 3
01 Little Green Train
02 Coat Of Blue
03 Danny Boy
04 Irish Lady
05 Coconut
06 Kansas City
07 Back On Tour Again
08 Hey, Mr Smith
09 I Wanna Know
10 Which Ever Way
11 Accapulco Bay
12 Wendy
Humphries Singers, Les - Original Album Series Vol.2 (5-CD) CD 4
01 One Of These Days
02 Rolls Royce Body
03 Country Folk
04 Someone Else To Pray For
05 Never Again
06 Do You Wanna Rock And Roll
07 Sunday Morning Whiskey
08 Mama Was A Loser
09 All Of The People
10 Left Behind
11 Won´T Someone Tell Me
12 Do I Kill You
Humphries Singers, Les - Original Album Series Vol.2 (5-CD) CD 5
01 Live For Today
02 Natural Man
03 The Writing Is On The Wall
04 Living My Life
05 Church Street
06 Run Baby Run
07 New Orleans
08 Candy
09 Check It Out
10 I Can Tell
11 US Cavalry
12 Father O'flynn
Les Humphries Singers One of the most joyous sounds to permeate the radio airwaves in the 70's... mehr
"Les Humphries Singers"

Les Humphries Singers

One of the most joyous sounds to permeate the radio airwaves in the 70's and 80's came from central Europe courtesy of The Les Humphries Singers. Led by the enigmatic, Les Humphries, who now resides in his british homeland. Les is an
enigmatic fellow and very little is documented about the group in the Music history books. We do know and remember the wonderful music that he has made however, with his inspirational, multi racial, choral group for three decades. A musical style which become synonymous with german culture of the 70's and early 80's.


The Les Humphries singers first appeared on the international stage as an 11 piece spiritual choir. Signing to Decca Records, in the late 60's, releasing their first single 'To My Fathers House'/'Gospel Train' at the end of 1970. It received a considerable amount of radio airplay throughout Europe but narrowly failed to chart, as did their second single 'This Ole House'/'We'll Fly You To The Promised Land' (March '71), their third single `Soolaimon'/Sloop John B', a double headed reworking of two 60's classics (previously hits for Neil Diamond and The Beach Boys), brought them a lot more listeners and into the European charts for the first time. The Les Humphries Singers appealed to fans of all ages, sold incredible quantities of albums, packed concert halls and 'headlined' at open air festivals around the world. With their terrific renditions of standards and Les's own material.


They really reached 'Super Stardom' in 1972, The Les Humphries Group appeared on TV with their latest single '01' Man Mose'/'Going Down Jordan' (March), both sides became enormous hits. The group swiftly followed up their first chart topper with 'Take Care Of Me'/'Mary Turn The Lamp Down Low' (May), another hit and another great sing-a-long song. What Harry Belafonte had done with his caribbean style in the 60's, The Les Humphries Singers were successfully repeating, in their own way, a decade later. No european summer party would have been complete in the 70's without their music, their adoring fans continued to grow in number. In 1973 they released the party classic `Mama Loo', a great Les Humphries composition, a showstopper at their concerts and one of the most loved singles they have ever recorded. The next release from The Les Humphries Singers was 'UniformI Kentucky Dew' (October `73), a favourite with their legions of fans. In 1975 The Les Humphries Singers signed a new recording contract (with Antic Records in the UK) in the hope of spreading their wonderful, uplifting music, beyond the boundries which had held them so close and loyally for the first half of the 70's (mainland Europe).


There were four more singles released in Britain 'She's Really Something' and `Spanish Discotheque' both in 1975. 'Indian War' and 'Sing Sang Song' in 1976. Single releases like 'Kansas City' (another Les Humphries song) and 'New Orleans' were huge selling hits in Europe in the mid 70's and remain amongst their most remembered and loved today. No group before or since has ever managed to pack so much vocal joy into one 7" slice of vinyl. The Les Humphries 'Sound' was a guaranteed tonic. Maybe they should have been available on prescription ("listen to these albums 3 times daily after meals. . ."). In 1989 a terrific 'Mega Mix' including their biggest hits 'Mama Loo' and 'Mexico', was released and took them to 'chart-land' once again, the Maxi single/12" still packs the floors in discotheques today. In the 90's Les Humphries returned to Britain and recently revisited those wonderful days bringing his unique arrangements to the hits and a number of newly recorded songs, including the classics 'The Clapping Song' and 'Oh Happy Day'. To thrill a new generation of fans and if, like me, you are a long time fan, rekindle some wonderful memories of those golden days. I know you will enjoy listening to this 'Very Best Of'. .. it's just what the good doctor ordered.
Kevin James

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