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Mississippi John Hurt Memorial Anthology (2-CD)

Memorial Anthology (2-CD)
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(1964'Gene's') (129:22/28) Zuvor unveröffentlichte Live-Aufnahmen, sorgfältig... mehr

Mississippi John Hurt: Memorial Anthology (2-CD)

(1964'Gene's') (129:22/28) Zuvor unveröffentlichte Live-Aufnahmen, sorgfältig zusammengestellt und restauriert / previously unreleased live recordings from one of the finest pickers of all time.

Artikeleigenschaften von Mississippi John Hurt: Memorial Anthology (2-CD)

Hurt, Mississippi John - Memorial Anthology (2-CD) CD 1
01 Salty Dog Mississippi John Hurt
02 Louis Collins Mississippi John Hurt
03 Stagger Lee Mississippi John Hurt
04 Monday Mornin' Blues Mississippi John Hurt
05 Comin' Home Mississippi John Hurt
06 Candyman Blues Mississippi John Hurt
07 A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight Mississippi John Hurt
08 K.C. Jones Blues Mississippi John Hurt
09 Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor Mississippi John Hurt
10 You Can't Come In Mississippi John Hurt
11 Joe Turner Mississippi John Hurt
12 Spanish Flangdang Mississippi John Hurt
13 Lonesome Am I Mississippi John Hurt
14 I Shall Not Be Moved Mississippi John Hurt
15 CC Rider Mississippi John Hurt
16 Trouble Blues Mississippi John Hurt
Hurt, Mississippi John - Memorial Anthology (2-CD) CD 2
01 Richland Woman Blues Mississippi John Hurt
02 Frankie And Albert (Johnny) Mississippi John Hurt
03 Creole Belle Mississippi John Hurt
04 Chicken Mississippi John Hurt
05 Pete Seeger / John Hurt Interview Mississippi John Hurt
06 Let The Mermaids Flirt With Me Mississippi John Hurt
07 Nobody's Dirty Business Mississippi John Hurt
08 Stop Time (Buck Dance) Mississippi John Hurt
09 Worried Blues Mississippi John Hurt
10 Avalon Blues Mississippi John Hurt
Mississippi John Hurt Mississippi John Hurt, (born July 3, 1893, Teoc, Miss.; died November 2,... mehr
"Mississippi John Hurt"

Mississippi John Hurt

Mississippi John Hurt, (born July 3, 1893, Teoc, Miss.; died November 2, 1966, Grenada, Miss.) Mississippi John Hurt was a songster whose repertoire included a caressing, gentle version of the blues, handed-down folk songs, light rags, and ballads. Apart from a brief recording career in the late 1920s, Hurt lived nearly all of his life in obscurity until being rediscovered by folk fan Tom Hoskins in 1963. During the three years before his death in 1966, Hurt performed his soft-spoken, finger-picked blues and folk tunes at college coffeehouses and numerous festivals, in-cluding the Newport Folk Festival (1963 to 1965).

A favorite with the early-'60s folk crowd, who were touched by his untroubled voice and equally tranquil guitar picking, Hurt also appeared on national television, performed in the blues docu-mentary This Hour Has Seven Days, and recorded three albums for Vanguard Records. Hurt was raised in Mississippi, where he taught himself how to play guitar. He worked as a farmhand and often performed at local dances and socials. Hurt was discovered by an Okeh Records talent scout in 1928 and sent to Memphis and New York where he recorded thirteen sides, only seven of which were ever released. Hurt returned to Mississippi where he continued to do farm work and occasional performances in the Avalon area until age seventy-one, when Hoskins found him. Hurt was a major influence on the many folk artists who came of age in the early 1960s.

Everyone from Bob Dylan down has paid tribute to Hurt's inventive finger-picking technique and his humble brand of blues.

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