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Jan & Dean

Think of 1960s 'surfer' music and two groups immediately come to mind: The Beach Boys and Jan & Dean. Jan Berry was half of the duo and sang lead on The Beach Boys' 1966 hit Barbara Ann.

Jan Berry was born in Los Angeles on April 3, 1941. In high school he met Arnie Ginsburg and Dean Torrance. The trio formed a musical group, The Barons, and Berry and Ginsburg began writing songs. In 1958, Jennie Lee, an ode to an LA stripper, was recorded in Jan's garage. Credited to Jan & Arnie, it became a hit, reaching #8 on the Pop Chart. One more Jan & Arnie side followed before the Jan & Dean line-up rolled up 24 chart singles. Their hits ended in 1966, a few months after Jan was left in a coma after wrecking his car speeding through Dead Man's Curve.

What inspired Berry and co-writer Jill Gibson to respond to Buffy Sainte-Marie's anti-war anthem, Universal Soldier, is unclear. Both the Donovan and Glen Campbell versions of the song were on the charts in fall '65, but neither sparked the kind of controversy that Eve Of Destruction did. When he co-wrote The Universal Coward, Jan had no direct stake in the Vietnam War. He had no military background, unlike Dean, who had done an Army Reserve stint. So it's interesting that Dean was sufficiently put off by the lyrics of Coward… that he did not want his name on the label. 

Jan & Dean made a comeback in the late '70s on the back of the made-for-TV biopic 'Dead Man's Curve.' While there were no new records produced, the duo performed their hits on the 'oldies' circuit.

Jan Berry died of a seizure on March 26, 2004

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Jan & Dean: Ride The Wild Surf - Folk'n'Roll (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDBGO636

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(2004/BGO) 24 tracks, original 1964-1965 Liberty recorings. Slipcase packaging with 12 page booklet.

Statt: 17,95 € * 11,95 € *

Jan & Dean: Surf City - Dead Man's Curve-The New Girl In School (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDBGO633

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(2004/BGO) 24 tracks, original 1963 -1964 Liberty recordings - slipcase packing with 12 page booklet.

Statt: 17,95 € * 11,95 € *

Jan & Dean: California Gold (2-LP) Cut-Out
Art-Nr.: LPPDL21071

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​(Pair) 17 Capitol masters- small cut on corner

20,00 € *

Jan & Dean: Dead Man's Curve - The New Girl In School '64 Stereo (LP)
Art-Nr.: LPC5550

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(1990/C5) 12 tracks - Reproduction of the 1964 Liberty album!

14,95 € *

Jan & Dean: Ride The Wild Surf (LP)
Art-Nr.: LPC5562

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(1990/C5) 12 tracks, reproduction of the original 1964 album!

14,95 € *

Jan & Dean: The Sound Of (1st Album on 'Dore') re-issue
Art-Nr.: LPDORE101

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(Dore) 12 Titel, aufgennommen für das Dore Label 1959 und 1960! Super Klangqualität!

12,50 € *

Jan & Dean: Little Old Lady From Pasadena
Art-Nr.: CDC5574

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(1991/C5) 12 tracks 1964 Liberty

24,95 € *

Jan & Dean: Surf City (CD Album)
Art-Nr.: CDC5585

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(1992/C-Five Records) 12 Tracks. Wiederveröffentlichung des original 1964er Vinyl LP Albums!

13,95 € *

Jan & Dean: Gotta Take That One Last Ride
Art-Nr.: CD18688

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​(1996/One Way Records) 24 Tracks, zwei Alben auf einer CD! Diese Rarität enthält einige sehr selzene Jan & Dean Songs!

29,95 € *

Jan & Dean: The Jan & Dean Sound - ERA Records (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDERA5035

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(1996/K-tel/ERA) 18 tracks - original masters. Factory sealed stock copy.

19,95 € *

Jan & Dean: Carnival Of Sound - plus Deluxe Edition - The Legendary Unissued Album (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDRHM521476

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(Rhino) 29 tracks 1966-68 (79:19) digipac with a stunning 32 page booklet. Jan Berry’s Carnival Of Sound — Das legendäre unveröffentlichte,  in hervorragender, limitierter Aufmachung. Begrenzt lieferbar!

Statt: 19,95 € * 16,95 € *

Jan & Dean: Save For A Rainy Day (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDSC11035

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When Jan Berry was injured in a terrible auto accident in 1966, partner Dean Torrence did his best to keep the duo’s name alive. Though released under the Jan & Dean moniker, Save for a Rainy Day was solely Torrence’s creation. A concept album featuring songs...

Statt: 25,95 € * 19,95 € *

Jan & Dean: Drag City (CD Album)
Art-Nr.: CDC5560

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(1990/C-Five) 12 Tracks, seltene CD, rare Titel. Wiederveröffentlichung der original Liberty LP von 1964!

24,95 € *

Jan & Dean: The Best Of Jan & Dean (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDP7468852

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(1988/EMI-USA) 10 tracks

12,95 € *

Jan & Dean: Save For A Rainy Day 180 g Limited Edition
Art-Nr.: SLP5417

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(2012/SUNDAZED) 10 tracks, reissue of this 1966 album, recorded in a garage studio together with L.A.'s most celebrated session men!

26,95 € *

Jan & Dean: Command Performance Jan & Dean - Live in Person (Japan Vinyl-LP)
Art-Nr.: LPK22P231

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Bei dieser Vinyl-Schallplatte Command Performance Jan & Dean - Live in Person von Jan & Dean handelt es sich um eine japanische Pressung.

27,95 € *

Jan & Dean: The Very Best Of Jan And Dean (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDAX70115

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(1990/Axis) 12 tracks

16,95 € *

Jan & Dean: The Dore Album
Art-Nr.: SLP5040

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The original album plus vintage single sides and bonus color photo! Rare Sundazed LP!

44,95 € *

Jan & Dean: The Heart & Soul Of...
Art-Nr.: CD712112

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(2012/HALLMARK) 16 tracks - the rare early DORE recordings!

Statt: 14,95 € * 6,95 € *

Jan & Dean: The Very Best Of (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD3119752

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(2005/EMI) 20 tracks Capitol 1962-65 with 8 page booklet - special price.

Statt: 14,95 € * 9,95 € *

Jan & Dean: Popsicle
Art-Nr.: CDSC6240

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(2006/SUNDAZED) 12 tracks Assembled in the summer of '66 to coincide with 'Popsicle,' Jan & Dean's last great chart smash, the LP of the same name appeared mere months after Jan Berry's near-fatal car crash. The hybrid POPSICLE album is a magnificent confection all...

9,95 € *

Jan & Dean: Surf's Up
Art-Nr.: CDFUEL61911

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(2012/FUEL) 23 tracks (57:49) later recordings, liscensed from Salty Dog and Jan & Dean.

14,95 € *

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