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Luis & the Wildfires

Luis Arriaga - Vocals
Victor Mendez - Bass, Piano
Santiago Bermudez - Lead Guitar
Angel Hernandez - Drums, Maracas

Luis & the Wildfires play thunderous late 50s early 60s rock n roll.

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Luis & The Wildfires: I'm A Man - No Me Trates Mal (7inch, 45rpm)
Art-Nr.: 45WILD011

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(Wild) Fantastic double hitter, featurings a Mexican version of 'Baby Please Don't Go'

9,95 € *

Luis & The Wildfires: Brain Jail (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD0712004

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(2007/WILD) 12 tracks - gatefold cardboard cover/Klapphülle / hot, out of control Rockabilly from L.A.

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Luis & The Wildfires: Heart-Shaped Noose (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD1112001

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(2011/WILD) 12 tracks, Rockabilly and 60s style rockers.

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