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Norm & The Nightmarez

Norm was a happy-go-lucky young lad growing up in Birmingham. surrounded by the sounds of the 1970's. The platforms and the tinsel gave way to punk. but Norm was still musically unfulfilled. Salvation came when like so many of his generation he discover., through the dusty grooves of imported vinyl and iffy represses, the wonders of Rockabilly .recorded in the most frenzied days of the 50's. Wild tunes from Charlie Feathers. Sonny Burgess and the like had him reaching for a guitar and thus commenced a life-time of bleeding fingers. He thought he'd found his musical Valhalla in that bopping beat, but it was just a gateway drug. The dawn of the 1980's unleashed a whole new beast, one the cats could .11 their own, too dangerous for the Teds who barely tolerated them anyway. Psychobilly smashed into Norm and a whole generation who embraced the madness. Three decades on. the genre has spread world-wide and Norm has Nightmarez. Those little dark places in the mind, put to music, not just any music. but Psychobilly in its purest form. Twisted little nuggets of Rockabilly. lathered and writhing nocturnal terrors. As beautifully lascivious John Lee Hooker on. oozed 'It's in him and it's got to come out" and it's true today. Its Norm and the Nightmarez and his Psychobilly DNA.
(Simon Nott — ' Viva Le Rock' & UK Rock 'n' Roll Magazines)

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Norm & The Nightmarez: Psychobilly D.N.A. (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDWSRC107

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(Western Star) 15 Tracks - Der CD-Titel ist wirklich irreführend, da diese Band hier eher traditionell Rockabilly bis Neo Rockabilly mit nur wenigen Psycho-Touchs spielt! Jedenfalls ein fantastisches Album mit Klasse! MM/Bär-Familienrekorde

Statt: 17,95 € * 15,26 € *

Norm & The Nightmarez: Psychobilly Infection
Art-Nr.: CDWSRC079

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(2015/Western Star) 13 Tracks, klasse oldschool Psychobilly album! MM/Bear Family Records

Statt: 16,95 € * 15,26 € *

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