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The Rhythm Shakers 

Marlene Perez - Vocals
Victor Mendez - Bass
Matt Pavlovcic - Guitar
Andrew Himmler - Guitar
J. Brook Emeilo - Drums

The Rhythm Shakers are a band of today and of the future; not a band living in the past. This record is a meeting of late 1950's rockabilly, Rock and Roll, Early 1960's blues and a mix of guitar driven Rock and Roll!!

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The Rhythm Shakers: VooDoo (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD1418001

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(Wild Records) 14 tracks (38:52) digisleeve,  brandnew album from  Marlene Perez and her Rhythm Shakers! The first album since five years, when the fantastic 'Flipsville' came out! Again desperate female Rockabilly stuff (incl. 11 band originals) and highly...

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Rhythmshakers: Love Spilled Across The Floor - Hit The Road (7inch, 45rpm)
Art-Nr.: 45WILD009

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(Wild) Debut 45rpm record by the Rhythm Shakers, feat. two great Boppers, written by the band members

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The Rhythm Shakers: Panic (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDWILD1111

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(Wild Records) 12 Tracks - Digisleeve - Legendäre 2015 Veröffentlichung - Absolutes Muss!  - Rock 'n' Roll music should be about pain, joy, love, anger and fear. Panic is a record filled with all of the above and more. Most songs on this record are original...

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The Rhythm Shakers: Flipsville! (plus bonus tracks)
Art-Nr.: CD2015001

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(2015/Wild) 17 tracks - Knallharter 50s Stil- Rockabilly mit Frontfrau Marlene Perez (voc/gtr) Omar Romero(ld.gtr) Danny Angolu (gtr) Victor Mendez (bass/pno) Angel Hernadez (drms). Highlight album inkl. 8 Eigenkompositionen von Marlene Perez! -Der Wolfman würde...

16,95 € *

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