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Various Roy Orbison Songbook (CD)

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(1995/Connoisseur) 20 tracks - Connoisseur Collection's series of songbook compilations continues... mehr

Various: Roy Orbison Songbook (CD)

(1995/Connoisseur) 20 tracks - Connoisseur Collection's series of songbook compilations continues with this fine collection of Roy Orbison songs. Roy's credentials as a singer are already well established but in some ways have overshadowed his contributions to popular music as a writer. In compiling this compact disc we have tried to give the listener a variance in styles and interpretations that will better illustrate just how good Roy's songs were - and, we might add. still are.

Claudette written for his beloved wife was his first major success as a writer. It was a joint UK chart topper (along with All I Have To Do Is Dream) in May 1958. Legend has it that Roy appeared with the Everly Brothers at a show in Gary, Indiana, USA. When asked if he had any songs for the Everlys, he wrote down the words to Claudette on the lid of a cardboard shoe box. Don and Phil Everly remained firm friends of Roy's for the rest of his life. A further 22 years were to pass before another artist would take an Orbison composition to Number 1 in the UK charts. Crying by Don McLean was a deserved chart topper in May 1980 and helped re-establish his name on the European touring circuit. Buddy Holly & The Crickets had close connections with Roy, especially in the years 1956-8. Roy had recorded his original of You've Got Love for Norman Petty (The Crickets' manager) in early September 1957 and it was hearing this version that prompted Holly & The Crickets to record the song during a tour break on September 28th/29th 1957. It was, unusually. recorded on Norman Petty's portable Ampex recorder at the Tinker Air Force base in Oklahoma City, USA and not at Petty's studios in Clovis, New Mexico (although this is where over dubs were later made). Robert Gordon's version of Up Town was a highlight of his 1980 Bad Boy album for RCA (recorded at New York City's record plant in October 1979). Roy had stated several times to this writer that he always liked the Tom Jones version of In Dreams.

Tom and Roy had shared the same booking agency for a while in the mid-sixties and were often pitched songs from the company's publishing division. Down The Line was recorded many times. It was also a regular feature of virtually every British Beat Bands' live gigs of the early sixties. This version by The Hollies clearly illustrates the rawness and energy with which the song was originally written. Blue Bayou has always been one of Roy's most popular songs. Written in 1961 and before the pressures of world tours took their toll on his song writing contributions, the lyrics and melody clearly define the magic of a calmer, easier world. Slim Whitman's version gives us the chance to dream again. As history documents, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, J.P. Richardson "The Big Bopper" and the pilot Roger Petersen were killed in an aircraft crash on February 2nd 1959 whilst en route to the next venue on their Winter dance party tour. Bobby Vee and his group were hired to fulfil a couple of dates before the tour was cancelled.

His association with the Crickets remains to this day and they still often appear in the same shows both here and in America. Lookin' For Love was one of the featured tracks from their March 1962 LIBERTY album "Bobby Vee Meets The Crickets-. Bertie Higgins' version of Leah from his 1983 Kat Family/Epic album -Pirates & Poets" has the added bonus of a haunting second vocalist throughout the song. This is none other than Roy himself and one cannot fail to be moved by his breathtaking final note.

Del Shannon was another artist who had long associations with Roy. They had met many times over the years but had never recorded together. Del featured several of Roy's songs in his stage show and often mentioned their influence on his own career. Dream Baby (incidentally, the only song on this set not written by Roy, but which was always considered `his own' as it was a regularly featured song of his shows for 25 years. It was one of a handful that he recorded from the pen of Cindy Walker - Distant Drums, Love Star etc.) and Running Scared are contrasting examples of Del's style of 'Orbisongs'. Waylon Jennings' association with Buddy Holly is well documented but he was also known by Roy in the late fifties. He recorded several of Roy's songs over the years and this version of The Crowd remains an unusual interpretation of a composition more suited to Luciano Pavarotti! Also unusual is Kitty Wells' laid back reading of Roy's original theme song Only The Lonely. This was the song that really started his world-wide solo success of the early sixties and remains to this day a lesson of song writers craft.

Oh, Pretty Woman is still Roy's most famous song. He and Bill Dees, the co-writer, forever contributed to music history when they completed this work in the late Summer of 1964. From the many hundreds of recordings we have selected this soulful rendition from Al Green which was originally recorded for HI Records in Memphis. Best Friend was originally written for but not included in Roy's only full film - The Fastest Guitar Alive (MGM). Johnny Cash was indeed a aclose friend for many years and this rendition is both sincere and heartfelt in its deliverance. Lana was one of several 'Orbisongs' that were recorded by The Velvets (a group of black students from Blackshear Junior-Senior High School, Odessa, Texas) that had been `discovered' by Roy Orbison. Roy co-produced some of their sessions for Monument Records along with label owner Fred Foster. Careless Heart by Bonnie Tyler and California Blue by Engelbert Humperdink give us insights into where Roy's writing was progressing had he not passed away in December 1988. Although co-written with other successful writers then, Roy's influence of mystique still shines through on these two songs. Lovin' Man by Connie Francis is a female interpretation of Oh, Pretty Woman and it is interesting to compare the lyrical adaptation between this and the original. Glen Campbell, another artist to record several of Roy's songs over the years, takes us into a fitting finale with It's Over. This song, an intense drama squeezed into less than three minutes of listeners' time highlights the very essence of an Orbison composition. Nobody ever sang like Roy Orbison but those that recorded his songs, in their own way, contributed to the legacy that has been left for future generations. His main co-writers, Joe Melson and Bill Dees, were perfect partners and their part in his life should never be forgotten. The songs they created are timeless and remain as vibrant today as when originally written. Listen and enjoy.
MICK PERRY March 1995

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Various - Roy Orbison Songbook (CD) CD 1
01 Claudette EVERLY BROS
02 Crying McLEAN, Don
03 You've Got Love HOLLY, Buddy & CRICKETS
04 Up Town GORDON, Robert
05 In Dreams JONES, Tom
06 Down The Line HOLLIES
07 Blue Bayou WHITMAN, Slim
08 Lookin' For Love VEE, Bobby & CRICKETS
09 Leah HIGGINS, Bertie
10 Dream Baby SHANNON, Del
11 The Crowd JENNINGS, Waylon
12 Only The Lonely WELLS, Kitty
13 Oh, Pretty Woman GREEN, Al
14 Best Friend CASH, Johnny
16 Careless Heart TYLER, Bonnie
17 Running Scared SHANNON, Del
18 California Blue HUMPERDINCK, Engelbert
19 Lovin' Man FRANCIS, Connie
20 It's Over CAMPBELL, Glen
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Various - Roy Orbison Songbook (CD) CD 1
01 Claudette
02 Crying
03 You've Got Love
04 Up Town
05 In Dreams
06 Down The Line
07 Blue Bayou
08 Lookin' For Love
09 Leah
10 Dream Baby
11 The Crowd
12 Only The Lonely
13 Oh, Pretty Woman
14 Best Friend
15 Lana
16 Careless Heart
17 Running Scared
18 California Blue
19 Lovin' Man
20 It's Over