Bücher über die Amerikanische Kultur

John A. Lomax: Adventures of a Ballad Hunter
Art-Nr.: 004151895

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Taschenbuch - 275 -  Englisch 'At long last, John Lomax's account of his efforts to elevate folk songs to the realm of high literature is back in print. It's a story of one man's struggle to get singers to sing for him, scholars to pay attention, and for all...

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Billboard Magazine: The Hollywood Reporter Book of Box Office Hits
Art-Nr.: 00417549

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Taschenbuch - 368 pages - 1990 - Englisch Here, in one fascinating volume, are Hollywood's hottest movies from 1939 to 1988—the wide-screen spectacles, the screwball comedies, the sci-fi epics, classic dramas, thrillers, and musicals—the most successful films of...

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Ted Jarrett: You Can Make It If You Try - The Ted Jarrett Story of R&B in Nashville
Art-Nr.: 0010363675

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Taschenbuch - 256 - Hillsboro Pr - Englisch 'Nashville was beginning to be felt as a presence in the record industry, not just for its country product, but for R&B as well. I did everything I could to catch the brass ring. I worked at it night and day.' Ted...

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Roger Wood: Texas Zydeco by Roger Wood & James Fraher
Art-Nr.: book53495

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Gebundene Ausgabe - 323 Seiten - Univ of Texas Pr - 2006 - Englisch "[Wood's] firsthand accounts of contemporary Texas zydeco are unmatched anywhere. . . . This book is destined to become the definitive history of Texas zydeco." —John Minton, Professor of Folklore,...

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Louise L. Sepra: Rodeo - Fotoband - Rodeo
Art-Nr.: 0031244

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(1997/KÖNEMANN) Deutsch, Hardback/Gebunden mit Schutzumschlag, 24x32 cm, 90 Seiten/pages - Deutsche Sonderausgabe des 1994 erstmals publizierten Fotobandes der amerikanischen Fotografin (& Rodeoliebhaberin) Louise S.Serpa. Meist ganzseitige, faszinierende s/w Fotos...

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Hollywood In Vintage Postcards: Hollywood In Vintage Postcards - Hollywood Heritage,INC.
Art-Nr.: 0042257

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(GIBBS SMITH/2003) 21,5cm x 19cm, paperback, engl., 96 pages. More than 100 different postcards and comments to the pics. A great tribute to the vintage Hollywood of the first part of the 20th century!

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