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Maddy Arl

Michael Arlt was born in Hildesheim, Germany in 1969. Together with his brother, he founded the band B.B. & The Blues Shacks, now one of Europe’s leading blues bands.

The 90s saw the Blues Shacks solidifying their reputation in clubs and at festivals. They also collaborated with numerous European and US blues artists whilst backing Dave Specter, Tad Robinson, R.J. Mischo, Smokey Wilson and many more. Subsequently, the band gained renown further afield and were invited to appear at major European blues festivals and gigs followed in the US, Australia, South Africa and the UAE. B.B. & The Blues Shacks are now considered one of the premier bands, winning awards both at home and abroad.

“Michael is the voice of the band, its f(v)ocal point. His lyrics are taken from his life. His harmonica provides nuance and colour to the sound of the band. This is what enables him to constantly surprise and impress and, whenever he wishes, get the whole house cooking!”

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Various Lockdown Sessions - A Downhome Blues Revue (2-CD)

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