Bear Family - A record label

“So aufregend kann klingende Zeitgeschichte sein!”
Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung

"Essentially, it’s music about poverty and warfare. It’s music about race problems. It’s music which is heavily pro-organized labour. It preserves and makes available this political music, which to a certain section of the American population, was very im- portant.” 
IUN Professor Ronald Cohen

“We live in a world where people shy away from doing things for the love of it because of per- sonal cost. BEAR FAMILY re- minds us that, love may be all we’ve got.” 
Pat Todd

"This is breathtaking stuff – here’s dignity in a cardboard box, integrity on a quartet of silver discs, and a musical experience that’ll never fade. Superb.”
Fred Dellar, New Musical Express (31 August 1991) 

"With all due respect to the labels that have helped to keep the recorded legacy of the original Carter Family in print during the CD era, this new release on Germany’s BEAR FAMILY label leaves them all in the dust.”
Nels Koch, No Depression (Nov-Dec 2000)

"Their legacy has so infused 20th-century American culture that almost every musician in America has felt their influence – even those who’ve never heard a single recording by this trio.” 
Randy Koch, Nashville Scene (November 23, 2000)

"A heartfelt and moving example of classic country harmony, this is a must for all those who love the close harmony of the Everlys, Louvins, Gram and Emmylou, George and Tammy... and so on and so on.”
Alan Cackett, Maverick (April 2004) 

"Mr. Weize’s perfectionism and his workaholic ways have forced American record labels to dredge up recordings and files for his collections they didn’t even know they had.”
Craig P. Havighurst, Wall Street Journal (September 1998)

"Richard’s releases are so superbly researched, so thorough and so painstakingly put together that they provide a truly comprehen- sive history of popular culture as it relates to music. I can name several students of mine who have been able to complete their Masters theses because of BEAR FAMILY.”
Rob Bowman, Professor of Popular Music at York University, Toronto Financial Post (July 8, 1995)

Record Label Profile
Bear Family Records Celebrates 40 Years


“Bear Family ist mit seinen Produkten längst auf dem Olymp der ästhetischen Präsenz angekommen.” TAZ die Tageszeitung


BEAR FAMILY – Happy Thirty-Fifth Anniversary


Ich hätte diesen Film nie gedreht, wenn ich nicht auf die Cash–Boxen des Labels BEAR FAMILY gestoßen wäre.


VORBEI – BEYOND RECALL Jewish Musical Life in Nazi Berlin
11-CD + DVD Box-Set (LP-size) with 515-page book BCD 16030


Bear Family… Boxing Clever

“It has always been our goal to issue important music… whether it’s country, r&b, rock ‘n’ roll, classic pop or even British pop or Trinidadian calypso… regardless of sales potential.” Richard Weize


Then there is BEAR FAMILY RECORDS, founded in 1975 by Richard Weize and still holding the high ground in Cadillac packaging, archival authority and historical passion. Size does not equal quality; you don't need every outtake to tell an important tale in full.


BEAR FAMILY’s fascinating historical permutations plugged easily into my own obsessions: Rank & File, Jason & The Nashville Scorchers, and The Long Ryders, among others, knew this terrain.


Thankfully, BEAR FAMILY RECORDS came to the rescue with the greatest collection of pre-rock R&B recordings ever released: 'Blowing The Fuse'.


Ed Ward about Bear Family Records

Congratulations to BEAR FAMILY for 35 years of this, which started with an LP of unreleased Johnny Cash tunes and now encompasses...