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Jimi Barbiani Band: Boogie Down The Road - Live (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDGYR164

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(2017/Grooveyard Records) 10 tracks Excellent Live disc by this soul-powered blues/rock axeslinger mojo man from Italy featuring 10 tracks (65 mins) of pure, authentic, old-school, blues-based, boogiefied, heavy guitar rockin' power trio jams that will kick your ass...

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Barbiani, Jimi Band: Blue Slide
Art-Nr.: CDAND034

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(2014/Grooveyard) 10 tracks digipack. Jimi Barbiani - gtrs, Daniele Vicario - bass/voc on 1 track, Gianluca Zavan - drums/perc. Special guests: Johnny Neel, Cameron Williams, a.o.

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