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Realizing that Jimmie Rodgers was dying, Victor Records signed Dwight Butcher (1911-1978) as a possible replacement early in 1933. Born in East Tennessee, Butcher wrote songs that were published by Ralph Peer's Southern Music Company, which also published Rodgers' songs. Butcher auditioned some of his songs for Rodgers, and Jimmie selected Old Love Letters (Bring Mem'ries Of You), which he recorded at his last session in May of that year. Butcher had the honor of rehearsing his song with Rodgers in Jimmie's room in the Taft Hotel. Nobody Knows But Me was recorded by Butcher for the Crown label (using the pseudonym Slim Oakdale) the week before he signed with Victor. Butcher's performance was highlighted by the idiosyncratic work of the New York-based 'Wizard of the Strings,' Roy Smeck on steel guitar. Two days after Rodgers' death, Butcher and Lou Herscher wrote a tribute to Butcher's hero, When Jimmie Rodgers Said Goodbye.

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