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Isaiah Chattman

Isaiah Chattman was born in Norwood, Mississippi in 1918 and spent many years living in Gary, Indiana before he settled in Baton Rouge in the mid-1950s. There he met Silas Hogan and played guitar in his Rhythm Ramblers for many years. He had played briefly with Jimmy Reed in the north and may have been as instrumental as anyone in encouraging Baton Rouge bluesmen to follow something of Reed's lazy style. Chattman played on some of Hogan's EXCELLO recordings.
On this song, though, recorded in 1966 by folk-lore researcher and musician David Evans, Chattman is confident in his solo playing and takes a licence to roam around several well-known blues lyrics including lines from Muddy Waters's 1953 recording of Blow, Wind, Blow. Chattman was a neighbour of Robert Pete Williams and he also recorded for Evans backing Sally Dotson and her brothers Lee and Robert Jenkins. He died in Baton Rouge ...


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