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Patsy Clark

Of Patsy Clark we know little. Her recording of Watcha Do To Me was written by Hank Williams' former bassist, Hillous Butrum, who was working as Marty Robbins' bassist and music publisher (they owned a company called Bee-Are that published this song). The other side of the record, Walking And Dreaming, was co-written and co-published by Murray Nash, suggesting that these were Nashville productions (Boots Randolph and Hank Garland seem like good candidates for the solos on Watcha Do To Me).

Clark, though, might have come from upstate Ohio… although the only clue to support this guess comes from an entry in 'Billboard's' Folk Talent & Tunes column for February 24, 1958, which notes that she was working dates in that part of the country on hillbilly package shows. One of her co-stars, Bobby Bobo, was also from upstate Ohio. As Bobo appeared on Sage shortly before Miss Clark, it's probably a fair guess that either he or Fleener's man in Ohio, Pat Nelson, got her onto the label. Patsy Clark where are you tonight?

Track 5. Patsy Clark - Watcha Do To Me (H. Butrum) Sage 264

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