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Tommy Facenda

Tommy `Bubba' Facenda, born on Nov. 10, 1939 in Ports-mouth, Virginia, was a classmate of Gene Vincent and in 1957 he joined Vincent's group, the Bluecaps, as a back-ground singer and dancer.

Leaving Vincent in 1968, he pursued a modest solo career, recording one single for Nasco in Nashville, before meeting Portsmouth record shop owner Frank Guida, for whom he cut 'High School USA', a novelty rock'n'roll song which was mastered in 28 different versions — one for each distributor — each listing the important High Schools in the distributor's area.

Leased to Atlantic, the song made No. 28 on the Hot Hundred late in 1959, but Facenda only managed one follow-up before being drafted into the Army. On his discharge in 1962, he joined the Portsmouth Fire Brigade where he still works today.

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