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The Heartbreakers

The Heartbreakers

Rockin' Daddy-O

When The Heartbreakers sang about this particular Rockin' Daddy-O, they didn't have some loose-limbed cat adept at doing the jitterbug in mind. This lowdown blues-permeated theme reeks of four a.m. trysts and grinding away in the basement rather than hitting the dance floor.


Like The Clovers and several other hot 1952 vocal groups, the Heartbreakers hailed from Washington, D.C., where they fell under the wing of manager/talent scout Lillian Claiborne. Lead tenor Robert Evans wrote some of their best material; he was joined by tenor James 'Jay Boy' Ross, baritones Lawrence Tate (who doubled on guitar) and Lawrence Green, and bass George Davis, Jr. by the time Claiborne got them a deal with RCA Victor in 1951. Their debut, Heartbreaker, was written and led by Evans and can be found on the previous entry in this series.

Neither Heartbreaker nor their first followup, You're So Necessary To Me, dented the R&B charts, but RCA kept trying to break the talented group. Rockin' Daddy-O was cut in March of '52 with ex-Ravens accompanist Howard Biggs on piano (a ballad, Why Don't I, sat on the other side). Their last RCA offering, There Is Time b/w It's O.K. With Me, came out before year's end.By 1953, The Heartbreakers were done. Tate and William Ross, an original member of the group (and Jay Boy's brother) who had been drafted prior to the group's recording exploits, moved over to The Griffins, who recorded for Mercury. Evans and Holmes founded The Topps, who cut for Bobby Robinson's Red Robin imprint.

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