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GLENN HONEYCUTT got as far as having one record out on Sun. A quiet, unassuming man, he recognizes he had just a small role in the Memphis musical firmament.

Much like Roy Orbison, he was a balladeer in the wrong place at the wrong time. Born in Belzoni, Mississippi on May 2, 1933, Glenn grew up in Memphis after his father died. He auditioned at Sun with country songs and was told by Sam Phillips that Nashville had country locked up. Glenn was gigging around town with Jack Clement and Slim Wallace when Clement went to work at Sun and convinced Phillips to give Glenn a second shot.

Rock All Night, recorded in late December 1956, was intended to be the first single, but it was considered too risqué and was bounced in favor of two other songs. The backing musicians include Roland Janes on guitar, Jimmy Wilson on piano, and J.M. Van Eaton on drums. Glenn went on to record for other labels, like Fernwood, Black Gold and Topp-Ett, but his longterm prospects were with the U.S. Postal Service.

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Mr.All Night Rock
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(2005/RHYTHM BOMB) 12 tracks - new recordings with RANDY & THE POOR BOYS! First CD since years and Glenn still rocks your brains out! He recorded for Sun, Fernwood and Black Star in the 1950s but never made it into the charts!! Here's a...
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