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Mary Johnson, born on Oct. 15, 1938, in Detroit, first sang with the Serenaders. He went on to score nine consecutive hits between 1959 and 1961, the first rumblings of the new Detroit soul sound. Produced for United Artists by Berry Gordy Jnr., they were both crisper and more frothy than most black pop of the day : in retrospect, the sound was distinctly Motown-like.

Girls sang thin, reedy 'bop shoo bops' while a bass singer hummed the kind of 'bottom' at which James Jamieson would later excel. Instantly hum-mable, 'Come To Me', 'You Got What It Takes', 'I Love The Way You Love' and 'More Than Mountains' (all Top Thirty) hinted at the seductive aura of later Motown classics.

Johnson eventually followed his mentor to Tamla-Motown-Gordy, where he scored with 'I Miss You Baby' (1966) and `I'll Pick A Rose For My Rose' in 1968

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