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Fred Kaplan

Kaplan‘s place in blues history is best known as a member of the immortal Hollywood Fats Band, but even more so, he belongs on the pedestal of Angeleno blues pioneers. While Ka- plan’s unique style blends together his influences in the world of blues, jazz and gospel, his shared and long friendship with his personal mentor Lloyd Glenn had a particularly deep impact on Fred’s style.

Together with Al Blake, Kaplan was a central figure in the original Hollywood Fats Band, the legendary formation that recorded “Rock This House”, historic recordings that have been re-issued world-wide several times over the last thirty years. Kaplan was fortunate enough to have played with some of the greatest blues artists of our time, legends such as Big Joe Turner, Freddie King, William Clarke, Kim Wilson and many more.

In a career spanning over 47 years, Fred has been on over 300+ recordings playing with almost every major living blues artist since the early 1970s. He is currently continuing to record and tour worldwide, both as a solo pianist and as an integral part of the world-re- nowned Hollywood Blue Flames group.

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Various Lockdown Sessions - A Downhome Blues Revue (2-CD)

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