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Linda And The Epics

Thanks to several rockabilly compilations and reproductions since the 1970s, Linda and The Epics’ Gonn’a Be Loved has long been one of the legendary classics on the Blue Moon label. Linda and The Epics’ sound wasn’t far from those of Alis Lesley and Wanda Jackson, as their lead singer Linda Roth also evolved from country music to a rock ‘n’ roll diva. She had already made four singles for the Los Gatos-based IntraState label under her own name between mid-1956 and mid-1958.

Born in 1942, Linda was a youngster when she started her career in 1956. She also became a regular performer on radio station KEEN in San Jose at that time. Linda was recording mostly country music during her four year stint with IntraState, partially with Willis Dahl as her duet partner and backed up by either Chuck Ray and His Gang and Larry Black and The West Coast All-Stars, before she appeared as Linda and The Epics in October of 1959 on Blue Moon.

Linda’s appearance on Blue Moon gave her all kinds of musical liberties. She rocked her heart out on Gonn’a Be Loved but become soft on its flip side, Memories Of Love, a beautiful teen ballad. Unfortunately, nothing is known about The Epics, who are most likely not the same Epics who recorded for the Lifetime, Bandera, Dante, Lynn and Kim labels between 1959 and 1962. By 1961 Roth went solo again and signed with Vogue International in Los Angeles. This collaboration produced three single releases in 1961 and 1962, all accompanied by the Foy Willing Orchestra. Willing was a former member of The Riders of the Purple Sage. In early 1963 she switched to Big Top Records for one release, covering Joan Weber’s Let Me Go Lover in a lush rock- a-string setting and once more working together with Foy Willing before she vanished from the music scene.

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