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Danny Reeves

Sadly, nothing is known to me about Danny Reeves, beyond the fact that he was living in Houston at the time he cut these tracks, two of the latest in this collection, from 1961. Reeves' own I'm A Hobo sounds like classic rockabilly from 1954-55, though lyrically it mines a far more ancient lode. Bell Hop Blues is a slightly more urban rocker, but its theme, too, has plenty of antecedents -- particularly on the local scene, where Ted Daffan had pioneered such occupational paeans with songs like the classic Truck Driver's Blues and the lesser known Car Hop's Blues twenty years prior.

Bell Hop Blues was written by Troy Caldwell, who was apparently a working bell hop at Houston's Lamar Hotel at the time. Whatever the case, his fellow bell hops failed to drop nickels in the jukes for Reeves in anything like the number that trucker's had for Daffan's song in 1939. It's uncertain whether Reeves cut any other records or who provides the fine, spare accompaniment on these sides.

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Various - That'll Flat Git It!
Vol.19 - Rockabilly From The Vaults Of D & Dart Records (CD)

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