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Screamin' Lord Sutch

Screamin' Lord Sutch, a somewhat legendary figure of the British rock netherworld, was born David Sutch in Harrow, Middlesex in 1942, and formed his group, the Savages, in 1958. His 'wild man' act owed as much to Fifties horror movies as it did to Screamin' Jay Hawkins, and Sutch caused much offence by running amok as Jack the Ripper or being carried onstage in a coffin.

Rarely on television and never in the charts (although not for the want of trying) Sutch gar-nered much of his later publicity by standing for the British Parliament in the 1966 election, and opening a pirate radio station (Radio Sutch). Neither venture was financially re-warding, and he returned to the provincial club circuit from whence he came. His 1970 album, Lord Sutch And Heavy Friends (Atlantic), brought together ex-Savages like Nicky Hopkins, with superstars like John Bonham, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page, but to no avail.

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