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49 SPECIAL: Barfly (2013)
Art-Nr.: CDBAR49

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(Grasshopper) 12 tracks, a mixture of all Country styles, a fantastic album, comes with a nice booklet feat. all songs which are all written by the band! This release got 'thumbs up' by James Intveld, Dave Stuckey (musicians) and Jerry Chatabox (Rockabilly Rave)!...

15,95 € *

49 SPECIAL: Cornbread Fred's Hideway
Art-Nr.: CDSMS02

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(2002/SPACE MOBIL) 15 tracks - back in stock

9,95 € *

49 SPECIAL: Trails Of Evil
Art-Nr.: CDGRASS49

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(2007/GRASSHOPPER) 14 tracks

9,95 € *

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