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SIDE WYNDERS: Let's Go Sparkin' With ... (2014)
Art-Nr.: CDRBR5788

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(2014/Rhythm Bomb Records) 13 tracks, tremendous Hillbilly Rock & Roll and mid 50s Rockabilly played in the style of bands like 'High Noon' and the early Wayne Hancock mixed with a note of the Country Boppers they used to record at Starday/Dixie in the 1950s!...

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SIDE WYNDERS: Rompin' & Stompin' With
Art-Nr.: CDBNSR003

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(2009/Bop&Stomp) 12 tracks (32:11) band originals of wild Rockabilly and boppin' Hillbilly (4 tracks with steel guitar) Highlight album produced and mastered by Wally Hersom in Pasadena,CA.

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