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Tony Allen

Anthony Penia Allan

New Orleans-born, Los Angeles raised Anthony Penia Allan cut one of the all time great 45s of doo-wop, ‘Nite Owl’, at his first important recording session. It was immediately huge in his adopted hometown, and was just about to break nationally when Allen decided to move from Specialty, for whom it was recorded – to another label. Despite having a potential hit on its hands Specialty withdrew its support for ‘Nite Owl’ and for its budding superstar. The record didn’t chart and Tony Allen’s career never really ignited thereafter.

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Here Comes The Nite Owl! (CD) Tony Allen: Here Comes The Nite Owl! (CD) Art-Nr.: CDCHD1247

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(ACE) 26 tracks (65:59) 1954-1961 with 12 page booklet.  ,- Obwohl weniger bekannt als seine Zeitgenossen Jessie Belvin oder Richard Barry nahm Tony Allen für eine Vielzahl von Labels großartigen, coolen Westcoast R&,B auf. Hier...
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