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Allman Brothers The Fox Box (8-CD)

The Fox Box (8-CD)
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(Peach Records) 54 Titel. The Fox Box ist ein achtteiliges Set von The Allman Brothers, das am... mehr

Allman Brothers: The Fox Box (8-CD)

(Peach Records) 54 Titel.
The Fox Box ist ein achtteiliges Set von The Allman Brothers, das am 24., 25. und 26. September 2004 im Fox Theatre auftritt. Das Gesamtpaket enthält 54 Aufführungen von 52 Liedern aus dem historischen Fox Theatre in Atlanta, GA. Es war noch nie zuvor digital verfügbar. Jack Pearson gastiert als Gitarrensolo bei'Dreams' auf der Aufnahme vom 24.9.2004, Derek Trucks nimmt das Solo bei'Dreams' am 25.9.2004 und Warren Haynes das Solo bei'Dreams' am 26.9.2004.

Artikeleigenschaften von Allman Brothers: The Fox Box (8-CD)

Allman Brothers Band, The - The Fox Box (8-CD) CD 1
01 Mountain Jam
02 Trouble No More
03 Midnight Rider
04 Wasted Words
05 Worried Down with the Blues
06 You Don't Love Me
07 Ain't Wastin' Time No More
Allman Brothers Band, The - The Fox Box (8-CD) CD 2
01 Rockin' Horse
02 Hot 'Lanta
03 Melissa
04 Come and Go Blues
05 Can't Love What You Never Had
06 Why Does Love Got to Be So Bad?
07 Franklin's Tower
Allman Brothers Band, The - The Fox Box (8-CD) CD 3
01 Black Hearted Woman
02 Dreams (With Jack Pearson)
03 Mountain Jam (Reprise) (With Jack Pearson)
04 Southbound (With Jack Pearson)
Allman Brothers Band, The - The Fox Box (8-CD) CD 4
01 Les Brers (Intro)
02 It's Not My Cross to Bear Don't Want You No More
03 Statesboro Blues
04 Stand Back
05 Who's Been Talking
06 Soulshine
07 Good Clean Fun
08 Old Before My Time
09 Woman Across the River
10 Instrumental Illness
Allman Brothers Band, The - The Fox Box (8-CD) CD 5
01 5555 the Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
02 Leave My Blues at Home
03 Key to the Highway
04 Don't Think Twice, It's Alright (With Susan Tedeschi)
05 One Way Out (With Vaylor Trucks)
06 Blue Sky
07 Dreams
08 Les Brers in a Minor
09 Layla
Allman Brothers Band, The - The Fox Box (8-CD) CD 6
01 Revival
02 Every Hungry Woman
03 Done Somebody Wrong
04 Hoochie Coochie Man
05 Desdemona
06 High Cost of Low Living
07 44 Blues
08 End of the Line
Allman Brothers Band, The - The Fox Box (8-CD) CD 7
01 Dreams
02 I Walk on Gilded Splinters
03 Stormy Monday
04 The Same Thing (With Rob Baracco)
05 In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (With Rob Baracco)
Allman Brothers Band, The - The Fox Box (8-CD) CD 8
01 In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (Cont'd, with Rob Baracco)
02 Don't Keep Me Wonderin'
03 No One to Run with
04 Whipping Post
Allman Brothers Band Amerikanische Gruppe mit Blues- und Country-Western-Einflüssen.... mehr
"Allman Brothers"

Allman Brothers Band

Amerikanische Gruppe mit Blues- und Country-Western-Einflüssen. Wurde 1969 in Jacksonville (Florida) von den beiden Gitarristen und Brüdern Duane und Gregg Allman gegründet. Den Sound der Gruppe prägen 2 gleichberechtigte Gitarristen und Schlagzeuger. Berühmt wurde die Gruppe vor allem in Europa zunächst weniger wegen ihrer Musik, sondern mehr durch 2 tödliche Motorradunfälle.

Am 29.10.1971 war es Boß Duane Allman, der verunglückte, 1 Jahr später, fast an derselben Stelle, verunglückte Bassist Berry Oakley am 11.11. Gregg Allman formierte die Gruppe mit Gitarrist Dickie Betts, Pianist Chuck Leavell, Schlagzeuger Jai Johanny Johanson und Butch Trucks und dem Bassisten Lamarr Wil|iams neu.

1973 gelang den Allman Brothers weltweit der Durchbruch mit dem Hit „Ramblin' Man'. Seitdem wirkt die Gruppe auch musikalisch sanfter. Boss Gregg Allman machte im Sommer 1975 spektakuläre Schlagzeilen durch 'seine Hochzeit mit Cher (vom Duo Sonny Er Cher) und die nach einer Woche folgende Trennung. Gerüchte wollten von einer Trennung der Gruppe wissen, als die einzelnen Mitglieder Solo-LPs veröffentlichten. Neueste LP: „Brothers and Sisters', von Gregg Allman: „Laid Back', Dickie Betts: „Highway Call'.

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Allman Brothers Band

  Ramblin' Man

For the first Allman Brothers Band LP without Duane, guitarist Dickey Betts offered up Ramblin' Man, a song he hoped to pitch in Nashville. Talking to the 'Wall Street Journal,'he said, "In 1969, I was playing guitar in several rock bands that toured central Florida. Whenever I'd have trouble finding a place to stay, my friend Kenny Harwick would let me crash at his garage apartment for a few days in Sarasota. Kenny was a friendly, hayseed-cowboy kind of guy who built fences and liked to answer his own questions before you had a chance. One day he asked me how I was doing and said, 'I bet you're just tryin' to make a livin' and doin' the best you can.' I liked how that sounded and carried the line around in my head for about three years. Then one day in 1972, I was sitting in the kitchen of what we called the Big House in Macon, where everyone in the band lived - and decided to finish the lyrics. The words came fast, like I was writing a letter. When [producer] Johnny Sandlin asked if I had any songs for our upcoming album, I ran down 'Ramblin' Man' on my acoustic guitar. Everyone in the room went nuts. My inspiration was Hank Williams's 'Ramblin' Man, ' from 1951. His song and mine are completely different but I liked his mournful, minor-chord feel. Except for Kenny's line, the rest of the lyrics were autobiographical. When I was a kid, my dad was in construction and used to move the family back and forth between central Florida's east and west coasts. I'd go to one school for a year and then the other the next. I had two sets of friends and spent a lot of time in the back of a Greyhound bus. Ramblin' was in my blood But the song, as I originally wrote it, had a country flavor and needed to be Allmanized - given that rock-blues feeling. I thought of Eric Clapton's 'Layla' - which had come out a year earlier - with its long jam at the end. I figured something like that might work. When we went into Capricorn Sound Studios in October '72, 'Ramblin' Man' was the first song we recorded - and it would be [bassist] Berry Oakley's last song before he died in a motorcycle crash a month later. I knew it needed a solid intro to grab the listener. My daddy had been a fiddler and I heard a lot of fiddle music as a child. I had a ukulele and had played along with him. What I came up with for the intro was a fiddle-like opener built on a pentatonic scale - but with me on guitar and Chuck [Leavell] on piano exchanging lines."

Budding guitar star Les Dudek was there when Ramblin' Man was cut: "Dickey invited me to the studio. They'd record parts and listen back to hear how the song was developing. Dickey kept asking what I thought of his overdubs and I'd tell him. Finally he said to come out in the studio and play it with him. I played the high harmony parts and Dickey played the low ones. After we recorded the first set in the lower register, we overdubbed the same harmonies in the higher register. Then they stacked them all together on the tape. You hear us where the riff starts to repeat and there's a wall of guitars playing harmonies in two octaves."

The result was a #2 single, headlining a #1 album, definitively answering the question of what the Allman Brothers Band would do without Duane.

Various Truckers, Kickers, Cowboy Angels - The Blissed-Out Birth Of Country Rock, Vol. 6: 1973 (2-CD)
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