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Guitarist/vocalist from Los Straitjackets.  His real name is Eddie Heeran. 

Almost Grown (2:28) 2004 (with the Hi-Risers)
CD: Eddie Angel Meets The Beatles [Spinout CD-020] ● USA, 2005
These are covers of songs that the Beatles supposedly performed before they hit it big, with an American playing the songs in a '60s UK beat kind of way.  Well guys, tell me, did the Beatles really perform 'Almost Grown' in Hamburg or Liverpool or wherever in those early days?  It's not on any record!

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Eddie Angel: Eddie Angel Plays Link Wray
Art-Nr.: CDSPIN027

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SPINOUT) 14 tracks (31:49) featuring Pete Curry & his Orchestra and Deke Dickerson (saxophone).Recorded in 2006 at the Pow Wow Fun Room, Los Angeles, CA.

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Eddie Angel: Eddie Angel's Guitar Party (LP)
Art-Nr.: LPNOHIT010

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(1994/No Hit) 12 tracks

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