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The Barbwires

Swedish surf band from Stockholm.

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BARBWIRES: Searider - HQ Vinyl (With The Blue Ocean Orchestra)
Art-Nr.: SRLP07

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(2013/SLEAZY) 12 tracks - KILLER SURF INSTRO album on HQ vinyl. Gatefold/Klappcover.  Highly recommended for all beaches!

17,95 € *

BARBWIRES: Seariders
Art-Nr.: CD0802007

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(2008/WILD) 12 tracks - digipac, red hot & rockin'surf sound from Sweden. KILLER Surf album, featuring Killer guitar sounds and a stunnish real orchestra (no keyboard shit!!!)! This is 'Balboa Blue' for ROCKERS!! THE PERFECT MIXTURE OF THE MARKETTS AND DICK DALE!!

15,90 € *

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