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Bebo & the Goodtime Boys
Bebo - Vox/Guitar/Percussion
Noah Martinez - Lead Guitarist
Derek Medina - Upright Bass
Alex DeMeza - Drums

Bebo and the Good Time Boys, play traditional Rockabilly music influenced by the 1950's but with a modern approach and sound, they mix their influences of Rockabilly and Latino music creating a hot pot of unique and contemporary RnR.
The band's first record "Let the fun begin" was released at the end of 2014, receiving fantastic reviews and enthusiastic response all over the world, the band are one of the most in demand RnR bands in Southern CA. They undertake their first European tour Aug 2015, their first 45' RPM record will be released April 2015.

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Bebo And The Goodtime Boys: Let The Fun Begin
Art-Nr.: CD1402002

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(Wild) 13 Lieder (36:50) ecopac. Fantastischer sumpfiger Blues Bopper Combo aus El Monte, Südkalifornien! Alle Songs wurden von Bebo geschrieben. Garcia, der Sänger und Anführer dieser Band! Sehr empfehlenswert!

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Bebo And The Goodtime Boys: Little Kitty - The Other Night
Art-Nr.: 45WILD55

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