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Glenn Bland And The Rhythm Kings

Though you'd hardly know it from their raucous recordings, GLENN BLAND AND THE RHYTHM KINGS were a group of clean-cut students from Texas Lutheran College in Seguin and Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos. The band formed in 1956 at TLC, when singer Glenn Bland and lead guitarist Francis Beard decided Elvis was the coolest thing they'd ever heard in their lives.

Recruiting fellow students Oren Schramn (rhythm guitar), Lamar Wallace (bass), and Larry Fall (drums), the Rhythm Kings performed for two or three years all over the area, at clubs like the Log Cabin Inn near Luling (where many Sarg acts, such as Al Urban and Cecil Moore, were regulars) as well as frat parties at their own colleges and the University of Texas in Austin. The Rhythm Kings' lone Sarg session occured at KENS Radio and Television Studios in San Antonio on August 9, 1958. Mean Gene and When My Baby Passes By are among the best rockabilly tracks Fitch released, but the band broke up shortly afterwards in the summer of 1959 when Bland and Beard graduated from college. Bland never played music again; he died in Memphis in 1997.

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Various - That'll Flat Git It!
Vol.18 - Rockabilly From The Vaults Of Sarg Records (CD)

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