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Danny Flores

a.k.a. DANNY BOY, CHUCK RIO Daniel ‘Danny’ Flores wrote an instrumental tune called Te- quila and made it big as a member of The Champs. As he was signed to another label, the song’s authorship was cred- ited to Chuck Rio, a name he adopted for the stage. Flores was born in Santa Paula, California, on July 11, 1929 to Mexi- can immigrant parents. While growing up in Long Beach, he became very interested in guitar playing at an early age and he soon started performing at church and family events. Flores also learned how to play piano and drums, but switched to saxophone when he was 14. Two more years and he was ready: Flores had become a multi-instrumental- ist with saxophone being his first love.

Danny Flores formed his first band in 1952 with Duke Foster (guitar), Doc Coburn (drums), and Van Norman (bass). Danny, Duke and Doc became The Three D Ranch Boys. Influenced by jazz saxophonist Vido Musso, Flores combined jazz and country music and he was commonly called the “Mexican Hillbilly.” The Three D’s cut their first recordings in Danny 'Chuck Rio' Flores 1955 for Pasadena based Vita Records before they signed with Joe Bihari’s Modern/RPM logos in late 1956. Rockabilly had become the new music by then, and Flores got into that style quickly. He recorded seven songs at Modern’s studio in February of 1957, and a first single was issued a month later under the name of Danny Boy. Danny Flores met Dave Burgess in mid-1957. Burgess was a 23 year-old rockabilly singer and songwriter who was signed to the new Challenge label, founded in Spring of 1957 by cowboy singer Gene Autry and former Columbia Records A&R

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The Right To Rock - The Mexicano And Chicano Rock'n'Roll Rebellion 1955-1963 (CD)

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