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Marti Brom: Not For Nothin' - Tales Of Tension & Romance
Art-Nr.: CDGR6705

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(GOOOFIN/RIPSAW) 15 Lieder (42:34) Gatefold Digipac

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Marti Brom: Heartache Numbers
Art-Nr.: CDGR6704

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(2005/Goofin') 13 Tracks mit folgenden wundervollen Liner Notes von der legendären Wanda Jackson: 'This tiny Texas brunette beauty, with a power house voice, just happens to be my personal favorite of the new generation Rock-A-Billy singers. However this collection...

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Marti Brom With Barrence Whitefield: Goof Ball b-w Macumba Love 7inch, 45rpm, PS
Art-Nr.: GRSI223

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Hot rockin' R&B duet stroller with wailing sax and hot guitar action - the next dance floor hit for your party! First pressing with exchanged labels, get you copy while it's hot!

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