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THE DANDERLIERS The Danderliers. from the city's South Side, consisted of Dallas Taylor (tenor lead). James Campbell (tenor lead). Bernard Dixon (first tenor). Walter Stephenson (baritone). and Richard Thomas (bass). The group's first session for the States label in January 1955 produced United's only national hit for that year, "Chop Chop Boom.- and as a result Allen kept taking the Danderliers back into the studio to repeat the magic. The Danderliers on their fifth and last session (around August 1956)—with new bass singer Louis Johnson—pro-duced their last released tracks, "She's Mine" and "My Love."
which appeared in the Chop Chop Boom collection. In this col-lection we feature different versions of these songs recorded in April 1956 with possibly the Tab Smith band. There's a looser and more "live" feel to them that may make them more appeal-ing to some listeners.

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