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HOWARD CHANDLER or James Howard Chandler to give him his full name, mailed a tape of his song Wampus Catto Sun from his home at 1171 Central Avenue, Memphis. Presumably this was before he issued it on his own Wampus Records. The two versions aren’t quite the same; the version mailed to Sun is a little more rural and slightly shorter. The Wampus Cats were the Conway, Arkansas high school football team, but the name had additional meaning in Memphis because radio station WMPS called itself the ‘Wampus’ station (detail hounds will know that when Bill Justis originally titled Tuff, he called it Cattywampus). Despite the fact that Chandler’s records commanded quite large sums at one time, little is known about him except that he went on to record for other lilliputian labels like Marble Hill, which he apparently co-owned with John and Margie Cook. He continued to live on Central Avenue until his death some years ago.

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