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Chubby Checker Twist It Up - First Four Albums (2-CD)

Twist It Up - First Four Albums (2-CD)
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  • CDJAS189
  • 0.12
(2012/JASMINE) 49 tracks 1960/61. mehr

Chubby Checker: Twist It Up - First Four Albums (2-CD)

(2012/JASMINE) 49 tracks 1960/61.

Artikeleigenschaften von Chubby Checker: Twist It Up - First Four Albums (2-CD)

  • Interpret: Chubby Checker

  • Albumtitel: Twist It Up - First Four Albums (2-CD)

  • Label JASMINE

  • Preiscode JAS
  • Genre Rock'n'Roll

  • Artikelart CD

  • EAN: 0604988018929

  • Gewicht in Kg: 0.12
Checker, Chubby - Twist It Up - First Four Albums (2-CD) CD 1
01 The Class Chubby Checker
02 Twistin' USA Chubby Checker
03 The 'Ooh Poo Pah Doo' Shimmy Chubby Checker
04 The 'C.C. Rider' Stroll Chubby Checker
05 The Strand Chubby Checker
06 The Chicken Chubby Checker
07 The Hucklebuck Chubby Checker
08 The Twist Chubby Checker
09 The Madison Chubby Checker
10 The 'Love Is Strange' Chalypso Chubby Checker
11 The 'Mexican Hat' Twist Chubby Checker
12 The Slop Chubby Checker
13 The Pony Chubby Checker
14 Blueberry Hill Chubby Checker
15 Your Feet's Too Big Chubby Checker
16 Hound Dog Chubby Checker
17 Twist Train Chubby Checker
18 Mister Twister Chubby Checker
19 Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On Chubby Checker
20 Hold Tight Chubby Checker
21 Shake Rattle And Roll Chubby Checker
22 But Girls! Chubby Checker
23 At The Hop Chubby Checker
24 Dance With Me, Henry Chubby Checker
25 Rock Around The Clock Chubby Checker
Checker, Chubby - Twist It Up - First Four Albums (2-CD) CD 2
01 Pony Time Chubby Checker
02 The Watusi Chubby Checker
03 The Hully Gully Chubby Checker
04 The Stroll Chubby Checker
05 Mashed Potatoes Chubby Checker
06 Hi Ho Silver Chubby Checker
07 We Like Birdland Chubby Checker
08 Let's Dance, Let's Dance, Lets Dance Chubby Checker
09 The Shimmy Chubby Checker
10 The Charleston Chubby Checker
11 The Mess Around Chubby Checker
12 Pony Express Chubby Checker
13 I Could Have Danced All Night Chubby Checker
14 The Jet Chubby Checker
15 Continental Walk Chubby Checker
16 I Almost Lost My Mind Chubby Checker
17 Fishin' Chubby Checker
18 Quarter To Three Chubby Checker
19 Let's Twist Again Chubby Checker
20 Ballin' The Jack Chubby Checker
21 Peanut Butter Chubby Checker
22 The Ray Charles-Ton Chubby Checker
23 Takes Two To Tango Chubby Checker
24 Dance-A-Long Chubby Checker
Chubby Checker THE CHUBBY CHECKER STORY In the early 1960s, everyone knew the Twist. And... mehr
"Chubby Checker"

Chubby Checker

In the early 1960s, everyone knew the Twist. And everyone knew Chubby Checker. The dance phenomenon and the amiable fellow who popularized it were inextrica-bly twisted together. More than four decades later, that hasn't changed. As Chubby himself put it, "The world as it exists today, especially when it comes to dancing, is Chubby Checker." Chubby Checker was the king of dance parties everywhere, a sensation among young and old alike—not to mention chiropractors. But Chubby Checker was not only the Twist. He was also the Fly, the Pony, the Popeye, the Limbo and several other dance crazes that swept the world during those Camelot years. If you danced in the '60s, what you were really doing was the Chubby.

Despite his association with it, Checker didn't invent the Twist. Variations had been kicking around within the African-American community for decades. Its ascendance to the mainstream began in Baltimore where, in 1959, kids on a local TV dance program, The Buddy Deane Show, fashioned a no-touching dance to ac-company a song written by R&B pioneer Hank Ballard. Amazingly, King Records, the company for which Ballard and his group the Midnighters recorded, had not deemed "The Twist" worthy of promotion, and stuck it on the B-side of a ballad called "Teardrops On Your Letter." But when word reached Dick Clark in Philadelphia that black youths were going wild to this new song and dance, he knew what had to be done: The host of the nationally syndicated American Bandstand called Bernie Lowe, owner of the Philly-based Cameo-Parkway Records. Clark felt it would be prudent to have the song covered by a local artist. Lowe got on the phone to Chubby Checker and told him to come in for a session. Chubby was 18 years old at the time, born Ernest Evans on October 3, 1941 in Spring Gully, South Carolina. He'd been living in South Philadelphia with his family for a decade, making no secret of his dream to become a professional singer even as he took local jobs, one of them at a poultry shop run by a fellow named Henry Colt. Colt marveled that, even as he plucked chickens, this kid would happily entertain the customers with a song or an impression.


Some time in late 1958, he mentioned this to his business associate Kal Mann, who was involved in a budding songwriting partnership with Lowe. Coincidentally, Dick Clark had just called Lowe looking for someone to record a musical Christmas card that he could send out to his family, someone who could mimic the big singers of the day. Mann suggested the ambitious Evans kid. Just hours later, young Ernie was in the recording studio rehearsing his letter-perfect Fats Domino impersonation when Clark's wife Barbara walked in. "You're Chubby," she insisted to the singer. "Chubby like Fats and Checker like Domino. Chubby Checker." Signing Chubby—now managed by Colt and Mann—to the Parkway label, Lowe and Mann reasoned that a recording of impressions not unlike the one Chubby made for Clark might sell a few copies. "The Class," released in the spring of 1959, featured Chubby reprising his Fats Domino impression, adding to the mix Elvis Presley, the Coasters, Cozy Cole and the Chipmunks, all to the tune of "Mary Had A Little Lamb." "The Class" scraped into the Top 40, but Chubby's next couple of records bombed. A full year passed before Clark and the Cameo-Parkway crew came up with the idea of Chubby covering "The Twist." The company's in-house bandleader, Dave Appell, assembled a band and a local singing group, the Dreamlovers, provid-ed the backing vocals. By September 1960, with a big shove courtesy of American Bandstand, "The Twist" was the number one record in the country. Why was Chubby's version—its arrangement virtually identical to Ballard's—able to accomplish what Ballard's couldn't? "The difference was we gave instruc-tions," Checker explained to radio personality Mike McCann, "like putting out a cigarette with both feet and coming out of the shower wiping off your bottom with a towel to the beat of the music. And it just caught on." Did it ever! The Twist marked the genesis of a cultural explosion that would de-fine the '60s as a decade of tumultuous change. It wasn't merely a matter of dancers not touching. The Twist represented a breaking free of the shackles of the '50s—in-hibitions evaporated; young people grasped en masse that freedom beat conformity. "Things just changed," Chubby told McCann. "People were locked up for doing the Twist. It affected everybody's lives."

Even as the record itself disappeared from the airwaves, the dance grew in popularity. As did Chubby's stature. First came "The Hucklebuck," a remake of a Tommy Dorsey big-band tune. Then, at the dawn of 1961, Chubby landed back at the number one slot and ignited another dance craze with the churning "Pony Time," written by Don Covay and John Berry and recorded by Covay with his group the Goodtimers. "Let's Twist Again," Chubby's next Top 10 hit, had its origin one spring evening at Sciolla's, a Philadelphia nightclub, where Mann noticed that the patrons were still Twisting the night away. "Let's Twist again, like we did last summer," he wrote. "Yeah, let's Twist again, like we did last year." Appell set the tune to music, Checker cut it and Twist music was once again the rage. By the fall, as Chubby was coming off yet another Top 10 dance record, "The Fly," the Twist had taken on a life of its own. Discovered by the over-30 society crowd in New York City, the dance was no longer the sole property of the teen set. Celebrities from Judy Garland to Truman Capote, Zsa Zsa Gabor to Norman Mailer, had been turning up at an obscure nightclub on West 45th Street called the Peppermint Lounge, where they Twisted to Chubby's records and live music, as columnists scribbled and flashbulbs popped. The Twist was soon everywhere: There were Twist dolls, Twist jewelry, hairdos, clothing, Twist movies (Twist Around The Clock and Don't Knock The Twist both featured Chubby), Twist contests and, of course, hundreds of Twist records. Fred Flintstone even did the Twist. Chubby, meanwhile, became a bona fide superstar. Merchandisers rushed to license his name, selling everything from Chubby Checker Twisters shoes to a Chubby Checker dance kit. Cameo-Parkway was not about to stand idle and watch its star make money for everyone else: Re-releas-ing "The Twist," the label basked as the record that started it all returned to the number one position on the Billboard Hot 100 in January 1962, the first and only single ever to drop off the chart and rebound to the top. In addition. during the final month of 1961, no fewer than three of Chubby's albums began Twisting their way into the nation's Top 10.

Not everyone was thrilled about the ascendance of the dance. Some politicians (including former President Dwight Eisenhower) and religious leaders called it vulgar, preaching that all that hip-swinging meant the end of civilization. The naysayers didn't kill the Twist, but in time it yielded to other trends, other dances, other concerns. In late 1961 and early '62, Chubby logged hit duets with fellow Cameo-Parkway artists Bobby Rydell ("Jingle Bell Rock") and Dee Dee Sharp ("Slow Twistin'"). Those were followed by "Dancin' Party" and a double-sided Top 10 hit pairing "Limbo Rock," a Caribbean-inspired number that had earlier been an instrumental by the Champs, with Mann and Appell's "Popeye (The Hitchhiker)." In 1963, Chubby set the dance music aside and turned to the softer sound of folk, a trend that had moved up from the college campuses to the Top 40. "Loddy Lo" was written in honor of his wife, Catharina Lodders, who had been Miss World of 1962. Two more folk recordings, "Hooka Tooka," in late '63, written by Checker himself, and "Hey Bobba Needle," a takeoff on the traditional children's song "Miss Mary Mac," took Chubby into the Beatle era. Like so many other American artists affected by the British Invasion, Chubby Checker's days as a hitmaker came to an end, although he revisited the charts in 1986, teaming with rap group the Fat Boys for a remake of "The Twist," and again in 2004 with a hip-hop remix of "Limbo Rock."

Chubby Checker has remained a presence in our popular culture, however, an in-demand performer and successful entrepreneur more than four decades after he first became a household name. Dance steps may appear to come and go, but Chubby knows what he's contributed: "Whenever I see people dancing, all I see is the Twist. I've never gone to a dance and been out of place, because they all do my steps. It's like sitting on a mountaintop and folding your arms and looking down and saying, 'I created that.' The wheel has been invented." So the next time you're on the dancefloor and you reach out and don't touch someone, give credit where it's due: the one and only Chubby Checker! —

Jeff Tamarkin, 2005

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Checker, Chubby - Twist It Up - First Four Albums (2-CD) CD 1
01 The Class
02 Twistin' USA
03 The 'Ooh Poo Pah Doo' Shimmy
04 The 'C.C. Rider' Stroll
05 The Strand
06 The Chicken
07 The Hucklebuck
08 The Twist
09 The Madison
10 The 'Love Is Strange' Chalypso
11 The 'Mexican Hat' Twist
12 The Slop
13 The Pony
14 Blueberry Hill
15 Your Feet's Too Big
16 Hound Dog
17 Twist Train
18 Mister Twister
19 Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
20 Hold Tight
21 Shake Rattle And Roll
22 But Girls!
23 At The Hop
24 Dance With Me, Henry
25 Rock Around The Clock
Checker, Chubby - Twist It Up - First Four Albums (2-CD) CD 2
01 Pony Time
02 The Watusi
03 The Hully Gully
04 The Stroll
05 Mashed Potatoes
06 Hi Ho Silver
07 We Like Birdland
08 Let's Dance, Let's Dance, Lets Dance
09 The Shimmy
10 The Charleston
11 The Mess Around
12 Pony Express
13 I Could Have Danced All Night
14 The Jet
15 Continental Walk
16 I Almost Lost My Mind
17 Fishin'
18 Quarter To Three
19 Let's Twist Again
20 Ballin' The Jack
21 Peanut Butter
22 The Ray Charles-Ton
23 Takes Two To Tango
24 Dance-A-Long