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Mark Chesnutt: Tradition Lives (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDBFD64

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(2016/BFD) 13 tracks. Ehrlicher Honky-Tonk Country - so wie Mark Chesnutt es liebt. 12 neue Songs und als Bonus 'There Won't Be Another Now', ein Tribut an Merle Haggard und Songwriter Red Lane.

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Mark Chesnutt: Outlaw (2010)
Art-Nr.: CDTL25486

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(2010/SAGUARO ROAD) 12 tracks (45:39), produced by Pete Anderson. New Album of Real Outlaw classics!

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Mark Chesnutt: Ultimate - Complete MCA 1990-2000 (2-CD)
Art-Nr.: CD12746

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(2011/HUMP HEAD) 30 tracks

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Mark Chesnutt: Greatest Hits II

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(Nada Dinero Records) 11 tracks (37:35) with bonus tracks: 'Truckville Commercial' and  'To Cold At Home' (Cherry Records version)

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Mark Chesnutt: Live From The Big D ( Deluxe Edition)

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(Nada Dinero Records) 19 tracks (6 previousl unreleased) 73:40 minutes, digipac.  Unedited version with 19 songs & over 70 minutes of Mark Chesnutt live in concert - what a fabulous country music evening!*****(Bear Family Records)

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Mark Chesnutt: Live From The Big D (2011)
Art-Nr.: CD030006

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(2011/NADA DINERO) 14 tracks (54:47) digipac. Superb Dallas concert with front-row atmosphere. Custom pressing - few copies!

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